Halestorm Entertainment Releases Unique, Creative Show for Children

OREM, Utah ? HaleStorm Entertainment announced a limited edition release of a values-based children’s show called Howdy Town, a live action and animated television series. Howdy Town: Vol 1 features episodes one and two of the series in a DVD format.

Each show features miniature talking horses in a fun and nostalgic Wild West setting with happy and likeable western-styled characters. The ponies and characters teach their young audience about a specific moral lesson or social skill through educational scenarios and lively music.  

“Our goal was to produce a program with the care and concern of Mr. Rogers, and the excitement and energy of Blue Clues,” said Howdy Town creator Craig Fisher. “I feel that we’ve done just that with these shows. Howdy Town is something that both children and parents can enjoy; it’s entertaining, it’s educational and it’s unique.”

Craig and Dana Fisher, who raised and trained the three miniature horses to “talk,” do tricks and act, originally conceived Howdy Town as “Everybody’s Barn.” They took their pilot to HaleStorm Entertainment who believed in the future of a children’s show featuring these unique ponies.

Co-creator Paul Eagleston took the concept and added a nostalgic western theme to it, changing the color schemes and characters to reflect a cross between “Wild West” and modern cartoon to appeal to a younger generation.

“I think every kid growing up dreams of being a cowboy or cowgirl,” says director Paul Eagleston. “Plus watching the huge success of Toy Story convinced me that a program like Howdy Town would work in this generation; so we changed the setting from a farm to a cowboy town with a bright, fun western” motif.

Howdy Town: Vol 1 features two 24 minute episodes for kids ages 2-8. In each episode the “talking” miniature horses explore life and learn a moral value or social skill with the help of Cowboy Dan, a likeable character played by Craig Fisher.  He is joined by other town characters: Annie, Bakey Beans, Flapjack, Happy, and Johnny Silver.

The show is highly interactive, allowing kids to learn along with the ponies. These lessons are reinforced through interactive segments with Cowboy Dan, timeless stories adapted to the ponies’ world, and catchy sing-along western music.

“I believe that children and their parents and grandparents will love this show,” said Eagleston. “There is nothing more American than the singing cowboy.”

A limited number of Howdy Town: Vol 1 DVD will be released locally in Utah bookstores and online at http://www.howdytown.com/. The show will be released nationally in January.  

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