Brazil: Incubators and Wheelchairs Donated in Brazil
Two incubators and more than 250 wheelchairs were recently provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints‘ welfare and humanitarian departments to a Brazilian hospital and organizations that help people with disabilities.

The incubators were given to the pediatric unit of the hospital Santa Casa de Misericordia de Santana do Livramento in the southern part of Brazil.

Local Latter-day Saint leader Victor Hugo Vargas made the donation in behalf of the Church and explained how the Church enjoys serving the people of Brazil in many ways, including through Mormon Helping Hands.

The Church also partnered with community aid organizations in donating 138 wheelchairs in Porto Alegre and 115 wheelchairs in Amap.

The donations come through Church Humanitarian Services and are given to help those in need regardless of their religion.

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Bolivia: Mormons Look After the Health of La Paz
In La Paz, Bolivia, Latter-day Saints are helping to supply the city’s hospital with items that will strengthen the work in the operating room and for the preparation of food.

The donation consists mainly of bedding, electric stoves, microwave ovens, industrial ovens, a 550 liter freezer, kitchenware, 50 boxes of syringes, surgical gloves and other health care materials.

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Australia: Young Latter-day Saints Give Significant Service in Australia
The new year started off with more than 400 young Latter-day Saints, ages 18 to 30, giving service in Adelaide, Australia.

The group gathered donations of sleeping swags (similar to a sleeping bag), personal hygiene items and water and also donated blood through the Red Cross to prepare for emergency shortages.

The young people also celebrated the beginning of 2013 with an “amazing race,” a formal ball at a downtown hotel, and a New Year’s Eve “illuminate-paint party.”

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cape verde

Cape Verde: Church donates 530 Walkers and Wheelchairs to Ministry of Health
People with disabilities have the opportunity to become more mobile because of the donation by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of 330 wheelchairs and 200 walkers.

The deputy minister of health expressed appreciation to the Church for its generosity to the many people who are in great need on the island of Santiago. The donation event also included instruction for doctors, nurses, technicians and physiotherapists in hospitals and health centers.

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