Liriel Knocks ‘Em Out
By Geoffrey Biddulph

Liriel Domiciano, the 22-year-old Brazilian singer who has stunned Church audiences with the power of her voice at General Conference and other recent performances, sang to an amazed audience in Miami on Saturday.

The singer, who like many Brazilians goes simply by one name, “Liriel,” is well-known in her home country since bursting onto the scene by performing on the Brazilian version of “American Idol.”  She has sold millions of CDs and is a high-profile personality, especially among younger Brazilians.

She has just wound up a tour through Utah, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami.   She returns to Brazil this week.  Liriel is a member of the Church and has a calling in her local stake in the Sao Paulo area.

In April, she was only the second person ever to sing a solo during the Church’s General Conference.

On Saturday, May 8, she sang a mixture of classical opera, pop songs and even the Brazilian national anthem.   Her voice was so powerful that it knocked out one of the speakers at one point, but she could be heard filling the 950-seat auditorium with sound even without the speakers.

Audience members left the concert using words like “amazing,” “incredible” and “astounding” to describe her performance.  After the events, dozens of Miamians, many of them Brazilians, crowded around her for autographs.

Liriel has the presence of a true star.  She gave hugs to young women and girls and happily signed scores of programs.

“She is an amazing singer,” said Michael von Rosen, a Church public affairs department manager.  “She has a fan club in Brazil with her own web page.  When her fans heard she would be singing at General Conference, they crowded into stake centers.  They got two hours of doctrine to listen to one song.”

Liriel clearly has a strong testimony of the restored Gospel.  She wears her young women’s medallion often, and a Liriel doll is talked of in Brazil, but Liriel insists that the doll be adorned with a young women’s medallion.  “She says that her voice is a gift from God, and she uses it to publicize her faith and beliefs,” said von Rosen.

Von Rosen noted that Liriel has received little formal musical training.  He said experts have rated the quality of her voice as an 11 or 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The Miami concert was sponsored by the Church and by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce and TAM Airlines, a Brazilian airline.

Geoffrey Biddulph is the author of a new novel called “Island of the Innocent,” an adventure story that describes one man’s conversion to the fullness of the gospel.   More information can be found here