Dear President,

I would like to recount one of my favorite experiences while serving recently in the Paris France Mission of the Church. My last area was in a town called Orleans, located south of Paris, on the banks of the Loire River. My companion and I were teaching a woman named Abra. She had been taking the missionary lessons for about six months. Unlike many of our investigators, she already belonged to a Christian church, and believed the Gospel of Christ as found in the Holy Bible. However, she was still very curious, even anxious, to learn more about the LDS church.

She had tried receiving an answer to her prayers as to whether the Book of Mormon was true, and whether the LDS church in general was true, but she felt that she had not yet received a strong enough answer to her prayers. She also wasn’t quite sure how she should feel when an answer came. She wondered how she would recognize the feelings as coming from God. One day after our lesson, we invited her to pray. She sincerely prayed with real intent, asking whether or not Jesus Christ and God the Father had actually appeared to the boy prophet Joseph Smith. At first, she received no answer, so we said goodnight and returned home to our apartment, a bit discouraged.

She seemed disappointed, but later that night after she fell asleep, her prayer was answered. She had a dream. In her dream she saw a white road. At first the path was slippery and difficult, but as she continued on her journey, it became much easier to travel. Then she saw me. I helped her for a little while as a guide along her path, but then she continued on by herself again. Eventually she came to a beautiful place along the path. In this spot, she saw her father who had passed away some time previously. He hugged her warmly and then explained to her about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. He told her that she already knew the Book of Mormon was true. He explained that she knew it was true by the same power that she knew the Bible was true; that is, she had read it, and the Holy Ghost had already confirmed to her heart that the book was true. He kindly told her that she should now act on those answers to her prayers that she had received.

The next morning when she awoke, she remembered vividly the details of her beautiful dream. She immediately called us the next morning, asking to be baptized as soon as possible. We of course quickly arranged for her baptism, which was a beautiful experience and ordinance. Her prayers had been answered in ways that she had never imagined. Her persistent efforts had finally been rewarded, giving her much joy!


Elder Luke Landsem