Michael Johnson is one of our marketing guys. We get along well. Our marketing discussions often slip into missionary tales. In fact our missionary tales and marketing discussions intersperse, and one sometimes becomes a metaphor for the other.

We went to the same mission-Florida. But we were about a generation apart. My Florida mission was all of Florida and parts of Alabama and Georgia. His was centered in Jacksonville. But I spent enough time in north Florida that we can talk about the same areas and branches.

And we both like food. I like to make it more than eat it, and he likes to eat it more than make it.

When I told him that I knew how to make French Fried Peanut Butter and Jam French Toast, he lit up like a kid at Christmas. “That’s a bull’s-eye!”   He wants his wife to make some.

How to Make Stuffed French Toast

The concept for stuffed French toast is simple:  make a sandwich with a yummy filling and dip the sandwich in an egg mixture or egg rich batter and cook as you would for other French toasts.  The filling needs to be sticky enough that the two slices of bread stick together.  Other than that, let your imagination soar.

While you can use anything, cream cheese is the most popular filling.  So are pastry fillings. We often combine the two, mixing cream cheese with a little sugar to sweeten it and then spreading a layer of cream cheese and then pastry filling-like cherry or pineapple–between the two slices of bread. You can buy a cream cheese filling and skip the step of mixing cream cheese and sugar together. (We sell pastry fillings.)


The first way is to make it on the griddle.  Spread a filling between two slices of bread, dredge it in an egg batter, and pop it on a griddle.  The process is exactly the same as making a single slice of French toast.  Because the heat has to drive through two slices instead of one, it takes longer to cook.  If the bread is becoming too crusty before cooking all the way through, turn the heat down.  At a lower heat, it will cook more thoroughly.

Pecan Crusted Cherry Stuffed French Toast is one of my favorites. Make a sandwich with cherry filling and cream cheese filling and dredge it in egg wash. Then dredge it in crushed pecans and put it on the griddle. The heat will toast the pecans. Drizzle it with cherry syrup or cream syrup. (Yes, we sell fancy syrups too.)  

There’s another way to make stuffed French toast: deep frying.  Instead of dipping your sandwich in an egg batter, use a tempura batter.  Deep frying with a tempura batter makes your stuffed French toast light and crispy.  It’s not as quick, but in our classes, people always prefer this method.  And yes, peanut butter and jam French toast made this way is remarkably good.

More ideas for stuffed French toast:  

  • Strawberries & Cream Stuffed French Toast: Bavarian cream filling with sliced fresh strawberries.
  • Blueberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast: Blueberry pastry filling and cream cheese pastry filling.
  • PB & J Stuffed French Toast: Peanut butter and your favorite jam or jelly.
  • Banana Cream Pie Stuffed French Toast: Sliced bananas and Bavarian cream filling.
  • Cinnamon Burst Stuffed French Toast: Bavarian cream filling with cinnamon chips stirred into the Bavarian cream.


You get the idea. Just be creative.

Dennis Weaver has burnt food from Point Barrow, Alaska, to Miami, Florida. He is the founder of The Prepared Pantry in Rigby, Idaho and the author of How to Bake: The Art and Science of Baking, available free in an e-book or as a Kindle book on Amazon for $10.

He loves to help people bake-and is giving away Free Kitchen Libraries with 30 e-books and over 1500 pages of content like this-a $150 value. There is no cost or obligation. You get five books immediately and one per week for 25 weeks.

Dennis lives in Rigby, Idaho, with his wife, Merri Ann. They have five wonderful children.