Mark1Dear Brother Albright, 

I want to share what happened to Elder Calvert and me this past week in the mission field. I am starting to gain a better understanding on how important it is to act on the spiritual promptings we receive.

Since our companionship is assigned a car, it is often difficult for people to notice us when we are driving around during the day. Elder Calvert and I have been wondering if anyone would stop and talk to us if we were walking instead of driving.

So on Thursday we decided to put this impression to the test. We parked our car at a gas station, said a prayer and just started walking. The sidewalk was busy with bikers, runners and families enjoying a walk in this beautiful spring weather.  Unfortunately, people were passing by us and not even giving us a wave or a head nod to say hello. It was like we were not even there. We had become invisible. Whenever we tried to approach someone, they would immediately act like they had received a phone call and just keep on walking. It was rather annoying and disheartening to have no one acknowledge us. 

After an hour of walking we approached an intersection and a stop sign.  I had a spiritual prompting that pierced my heart that told me to stop.  Right then and there I just stopped and pulled out a pass along card that I had in my pocket and wrote down our phone number and waited. I explained to my companion that I had an impression to stop.  He said that he was very willing to stop and wait with me.  While we were talking and waiting 5 minutes went by, then 10 minutes, and then 25. I silently offered up a prayer and asked my Father in Heaven why He wanted me to stop here and told Him that I would do whatever He wanted me to do.

Not three minutes after I offered up that prayer the clouds moved over us and it started to rain, and then it started to pour!  Elder Calvert and I were soaking wet and did not know what more to do. We discussed our situation and I just said. “Elder Calvert, there is someone who needs to talk to us and we are not moving until they come!” 

Seconds later a lady in a red minivan pulled over to the curb next to us and kindly asked if we needed a ride. I went up to her window and told her we did not need a ride but thanked her for the offer and her generosity. She said she knew that we were Mormon missionaries because she and her family are LDS.  I asked her if she attends church and she said she had not attended for about ten years. I asked what her name was and then called her by her first name and said, “Becky, our Father in Heaven loves you so very much. He told us to stop right here and wait in the rain just to tell you that He wants you to come back to church to bless your life. He knows who you are and knows what you are going through.”  She seemed pleased.

I gave her the pass along card that I was holding.  It had smeared writing from my pen and was nearly falling apart from the rain.  I also told her she needed to look at and give us a call.  She seemed very grateful to have met us and have this small conversation.  She agreed to give us a call.

I know that if we are in tune with the spirit, we can hear the small whisperings of the spirit.  But we need to ACT on those promptings every time we feel them. It is so easy to feel them and just not do anything about it. 

It is my testimony that when we act on the promptings of the spirit, many blessings come to us and others. I know that our Father in Heaven loves each and every one of his children. He knows our situations and knows what we need in our life at every moment.

Elder Zach Paswaters

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