FrostingPatrioticFrosting that has more than one color is beautiful and making it is surprisingly easy. It’s sure to make your cupcakes look like they came straight from a professional bakery. It is also a great method of frosting cupcakes for the holidays

There are a few methods to make multi-toned frosting. Pastry chefs use a spatula to pack one side of the pastry bag with one color of frosting, another side with a second color and then the last side with another color. Alternatively, they do this with two colors instead of three.  

We thought that seemed a little tricky to make even swirls, so we filled two or three small pastry bags with different colors of frosting. We closed the ends with a twist-tie, snipped the ends, and placed the smaller bags ; into a larger pastry bag mounted with our favorite star tip . We closed the larger bag with another twist tie. When we squeezed the bag, we had a beautiful blend of colors.

To Make Flavored Frosting

Regular buttercream frosting is good, but it’s not great until you add flavor. Imagine luscious yellow and white swirls of lemon flavored frosting on a lemon filled cupcake  or how about caramel favored frosting over a Bavarian cream  filled cupcake. Simply add one teaspoon of the flavor  of your choice to your buttercream frosting.

Color your frosting according to the flavor with Americolor food coloring  for bright, vibrant colors.

With the two-toned frostings, you might want to try mixing flavors. Just don’t get too crazy, as the flavors may not always go well together. Perhaps try cherry mixed with vanilla, or maybe banana mixed with brown sugar. The possibilities are nearly endless.


How to Form a Frosting Rose

Traditionally, when we frost cupcakes, we begin on the outside edge of the cupcake and circle around towards the middle. This creates a high mound of frosting with a curled tip. Today, we wanted to try something a little more delicate and elegant for some of our cupcakes; a rose.

Creating a rose formation on top of a cupcake is done exactly the same as the other method, only it starts in the middle and swirls to the edge.

With a star tip ; , the folds of the frosting lay over each other to form a perfectly placed flower.

Lightly dust the frosting with some sanding sugar;, and your rose will sparkle.

Consider Using a Square Cupcake Pan

This is one sure-fire way to catch the attention of your friends and family. We’ve been having a ball with this square cupcake pan  in our test kitchen.

It works well for not only cupcakes, but cheesecakes, brownies, cornbread, and even square dinner rolls.

Don’t worry about the liners; round ones work just fine. With its welded-link construction, this pan allows for better air circulation, and therefore a more even baking for each cupcake.

Our Favorite Buttercream Frosting

We love buttercream frosting, and we’ve been experimenting with different types. We make our frosting from our buttercream frosting base , and we’ve found the trick to perfect consistency is to use half butter and half shortening. The shortening gives it a smooth consistency and keeps it from melting, but the butter maintains the luscious taste.

Try Making Patriotic Cupcakes

Patriotic cupcakes are perfect for holidays like the 24th of July and Memorial Day. They also make fun treats for scout meetings, or any other patriotic activity. Simply swirl blue and red frosting on a white cupcake and sprinkle a few blue and red jimmies on top.

Or you can do red white and blue frosting like we did. You can get really creative with a star tip; to make the frosting look like fireworks, or try poking mini flags in the cupcakes for a little more patriotic flair.


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