Dear President Albright,

I love the work and I’m so grateful to be the Lord’s instrument. We had a special experience yesterday. It was 9 p.m. so my two companions in our trio were heading back to the car to get home on time when we stopped to talk to a young lady about 20 years old who had just gotten off of work.

She was sitting on her porch and was quite frightened by three young men in dark suits approaching her late in the evening, go figure. Her fear quickly faded as she realized our intent, although she wasn’t any nearer to listening to our message.

After every attempt to invite her to come closer to the Lord, her response was always the same, a brief abrupt “No!” We tried different topics like Church, baptism, faith and others but ultimately to no avail. The conversation was dying and we were ready to wish her well and be on our way home when my companion Elder Strong had a feeling that we shouldn’t leave until we had scheduled a return appointment. So much to my chagrin, we kept trying.

After some prodding she finally gave in and said, “Alright, if you elders can guess my name, then you can come back and teach me your message.” I thought in my mind, “Well, at least we tried Heavenly Father.”

The name guessing then began. Because she looked at least partially Hispanic, Elder Reeves quickly replied, “MARIA!”… nope, wrong answer. Elder Strong then took a stab at it. Nope, wrong again. Now I was up to bat. We already had two strikes and I knew it was our last chance. I had a subtle prompting to pray for assistance. So I said a quick mental prayer asking that if the Lord would that I should know her name–that if it was his will–to bring that name to my mind.

I prayed for a moment and then silently pondered as everyone’s eyes had now turned on me. Then suddenly the name appeared in my mind, “Vanessa,” I said with a mix of confidence and trepidation. Her jaw dropped along with those of my companions. She was stunned! I was stunned. We all were stunned.  That was her name!

We went on to testify that God knows all about her, knows her name, and loves her more than she could ever know. We returned the next evening and taught a wonderful lesson about the restoration, and she accepted our baptismal invitation. She is now scheduled for January 1st! Her parents are also interested, and so the Spanish elders are now coming to teach them the lessons as well. I love serving here in the mission field. I dread going home President. I love this mission so much. I love serving the Lord 100%. I promise to give my all until the end. We feel your prayers for us. Thank you. Ours prayers are always for you.

I testify along with millions of others around the world that Heavenly Father does hear us. He knows us and will answer our prayers

Sincerely, Eric C. Sackett

[Editor’s Note: Although Vanessa eventually changed her mind about being baptized (at least for that month), Elder Sackett, who is now married, teaches his missionaries at the MTC that the Lord listens and answers the prayers of those who ask in faith, typically by putting thoughts into their minds and feelings into their hearts.]