Blessed by Trusting God
Reviewed by Patty Larsen

I rarely buy a book just by looking at its cover. I want to know more about it!

Since the cover is all you can see when you look at Darla Isackson’s new book on the Meridian Publishing order site, I’m concerned that many Meridian readers might miss the pearls of wisdom and hope in Trust God No Matter What! – a book that continues to bless my life the more I read it. So I’m writing to share some of the many ways it has helped me and to give you some quotes from the book.

I also invite you to visit Darla’s website, where you can peruse the table of contents and see sample pages of the book, as well as read the whole introduction. Click here ( to go there.

I love the quote she has there from author Maryn Langer:

After reading Darla’s book, I wish I could live next door to her, go on long walks, visit with her by my fireplace on cold winter evenings and talk about spiritual things. She is so warm and real and she speaks to my heart. Darla starts each chapter with a personal signed note, and the whole tone of her book is full of that same warmth.

That’s just how I feel whenever I read her book – like she’s talking just to me.Here are some of the notes of appreciation I’ve written to Darla in the past few months:

April 20

I have been reading your book and loving it!  Thanks for all you’ve shared and how much it has helped me, strengthened my testimony, and nurtured me. 

Your book was a great comfort to me one day last week.  I loved the sections on pages 16 &17 titled “As Man Thinketh” and “Faith Saves Our Lives Physically and Spiritually.” Like you, I also fight the enemy of my soul. 

I loved your statement, “The instant my mind is not fastened on spiritually edifying thoughts, the enemy of my soul bombards it with doubt, fear, negativity, and discouragement.”

You helped me see that I have a choice – that I can choose faith, I can trust God and reach out to Him for help and comfort. I can fight against the overwhelming fears, doubt, stress, and difficulty that Satan would inundate me with.

I love the scripture in Alma, Chap 37:33 “…teach them to withstand every temptation of the devil, with their faith on the Lord Jesus Christ.” I think this applies to our thinking, more than anywhere else. Reading this section of your book at this particular time has been a great comfort to me!

May 26

Your book blesses me every time I read it!  It blesses Chuck too, and he uses illustrations from it in our discussions and family home evenings. Today I went to the Gardens and sat in the shade and read from your book. (It was heaven!)  You were talking about choosing faith, even if you don’t “feel” it at the time – that faith is a decision more than a feeling. I was strengthened and nurtured by reading from your book. 

June 10

I love your book! I learn much from you! I so desperately want to do better at not being so stressed! How I relate to the following paragraphs from the introduction of your book:

Sometimes I feel like a lost child because the world I grew up in has disappeared.

Can I trust God with all of it? Can I see fulfillment of prophecies and know that God is not surprised? After all, this is His world and His plan. Trust in God No Matter What! is about how I’m learning to trust Him even when earth-life is a far cry from our existence with Him before we came here – and from the glory we are told we can have in the eternities …

I know that the peace of my soul does not depend on the economy or the political climate, or the level of righteousness in the society in which I live, but upon my awareness of God’s influence and loving care. I stay in a place of inner peace only when I remember that God is in control, that the ultimate outcome is sure and that we are safe in His hands. What happens between now and the Millennium will not thwart His purposes, but bring them to fulfillment.

I so needed to hear that reassurance right now. Thank you!

June 30

I know that Chuck and I are but two, but we have been helped, strengthened and touched by your book. I also intend to recommend it to others. It has been a tool used by the Spirit to help me at this time. I really can’t put into words how it has helped me!

I hope that Heavenly Father will open a way for others to find your book, for I know that many could be helped by it.  Also, I wanted you to know that I have loved reading about your real-life feelings and experiences. I feel that it took great courage for you to share like that, and it has been greatly appreciated.

July 8

Your book is Heavenly Father’s way of reaching me right now.  As I struggle with two painful issues, it has been heaven’s blessing in giving me guidance, comfort and help.

For instance, at the beginning of chapter eight:  

Surrender is seeing a force coming against you that you know you can’t handle and turning from it to set your eyes upon the Lord.

I loved the story of Jehosephat and “Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude (or challenge); for the battle is not yours, but God’s … set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you…fear not, nor be dismayed.” 

This is so much what I need right now!  I read it and feel the Spirit and know this is key for me and that it is true.

July 10

I have been reading your book in the Gardens today. Oh, how it has blessed me! It has been the vehicle for the Spirit to teach me and be with me. 

I know that He had you write this book partly for me. Every time I read it, I am comforted, taught, strengthened, and brought closer to the Lord.  I know that others will find your book, and it will be the same source of comfort and strength to them. As you know, the Lord can do His work, and He will find ways to bring this book to others – just as He has brought it to me!

I so identified with the start of Chapter 8, where you described your struggle. It was as if you were describing me. Reading what you wrote was so helpful. I needed to be reminded that I don’t need to do it all; instead, I need to yoke-up with Christ.  Now, if I can only learn how to do this.

Several things on page 70 helped me and touched my heart, such as your saying that the contrast is amazing between the misery you have felt trying to do things on your own and the sweetness of the Spirit when you surrender  and feel the rest of the Lord (oh how I need and want this). Also, that the adversary can only keep us miserable if we forget to apply the sweetness of resting in the Lord’s way.

Other pearls that have ministered to me on that same page:

I get so caught up in the challenges and emotional issues of the moment that I forget how light and easy the Lord’s yoke is. I forget the sweetness of His Spirit, of being strengthened by His love and guidance.

As I try to handle the current challenge, you taught me that it is possible to set aside my fears, but it’s not possible (to handle my challenge), if I’m trying to do it by sheer will power. It’s not possible when I think I can do it by myself.

“What makes it possible?  Not more striving, but surrender. Humbly submitting to the yoke of Christ and the guidance of the Spirit.” Can you imagine and feel how powerful this truth is, as I cope with the overwhelming nature of the challenge I’m facing right now? 

Please pray for me, Darla, that I will be able to have that quality of spirit that will let me surrender. Also on page 71 – I loved your words, “I sat in amazement as I envisioned for the first time the Savior of the world inviting poor, lowly me to be yoked with Him, find rest, share His perfection, His love … The Savior is giving us an invitation to join Him, to be yoked with Him.  He doesn’t load a heavy yoke onto us and leave us to plow alone.”

Thank you, thank you, for your book. Thanks for sharing the wisdom and the love of your life experiences with me!

July 22

Your book has been the “voice” of the Spirit to guide me to an important decision [to turn down a job]. The voice of the Spirit to me today from your book was “don’t worry about what you can’t do. Just trust in my guidance.” (page 72)  My stress has been lifted, thank goodness.  I realized that I “couldn’t” do that particular job under the current circumstances of my life, and I was not to worry and trust that He will guide me to something else.

I feel a huge sense of relief. This afternoon, I even stopped to lay on the twin’s beds and listen to them and talk with them as they cleaned their rooms. I got up to leave and Stacey said, “Where are you going? We want you to stay with us.” Those are the simple, magic moments that just don’t happen if you get too busy, too tired, or too stressed. I’ve missed so much in my life because of lack of understanding, time, and proper focus.

Thanks for how your book is blessing me.

August 3

Darla, I learned a lot of good things from your book this morning.  It has been helping me in the intense pain I have felt in having my daughter move cross-country (I was reading the section about “letting go”).  I can’t express how much I have learned and how much your book has helped me.

And so it goes. Every time I read from Trust in God No Matter What! I am blessed. Darla concluded the introduction of her book by saying,

The Lord said, “Behold and lo, mine eyes are upon you, and the heavens and the earth are in mine hands” (D&C 67:2). I know that we truly are in His hands. The more we recognize that fact, the more we can let go of undue stress, worry, and over-responsibility for things we can’t change, and the more we can feel His comfort and love. I believe we can make trust in God a habit of the soul, as natural as breathing.

I offer this journal of my continuing spiritual journey as my personal witness that the Lord lives and loves us, and that we can trust Him completely. Because we are imperfect mortals, so inclined to forget we need to nurture and renew our trust in God and Christ daily. Spiritual starvation is common for those who don’t make the effort. May this book be part of your nurturing and renewing.

I suggest that you go to Darla’s website (  and read the whole introduction. It gives such a good idea of how powerful the book really is.

The 300-page book is divided into sections such as “Trusting God When Prayers Don’t Seem Answered,” “Trusting God When We Are Hurting,” and “Trusting God When Children Stray.” The contents list alone reaches out and promises balm for some of life’s hardest dilemmas. Darla keeps those promises.

In Trust God No Matter What! you’ll find no “same-old” worn words, but fresh, honest, comforting, enlightening Christ-centered insights.

Don’t miss out. This book is sure to bless your life as it has mine.

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