Richard Eyre’s  The Three Deceivers
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After reading The Three Deceivers by New York Times #1 bestselling author Richard Eyre, talk show host Glenn Beck knew he needed to interview Richard on his national radio show.   Glenn read the The Three Deceivers during the holidays while on tour promoting his own book, The Christmas Sweater.    Although intially he thought he would disagree with Eyre’s ideas, he soon realized that Richard was right on the mark!  We live in a world filled with greed, selfishness and loneliness but it doesn’t have to be that way.   When we recognize and overcome The Three Deceivers we will find happiness.  Eyre gives hope in a world of turmoil.

Glenn interviewed Richard on Monday, January 12th and then invited Richard back for a second interview because he wanted his listeners to really get what Richard was talking about.  Glenn also asked Richard to write five articles for his daily newsletter.   Richard taught that as  The Three Deceivers are exposed and then replaced with alternative attitudes we will enjoy a more fulfilling life and more meaningful relationships.  

Beck said , “I found your section on serendipity just absolutely mind-boggling. I had never heard this before. I just think it is one of the best things that I have read and it is so incredibly true.”   Click here to read the full interview. 

Richard Eyre to appear on Good Things Utah
Monday, February 23rd, at 10 a.m. M.S.T.

Popular Utah news program Good Things Utah will feature Richard Eyre as he debunks attitudes and obsessions that prevent healthy relationships and keep many people from living fulfilling lives. 

Richard will discuss attitudes to help survive the current troubles faced in our society— both spiritual and economic.  He will share how love and inner peace increase when The Three Deceivers are recognized and overcome.

You can see the interview on Monday, February 23rd at 10 a.m. on KTVX 4 in the Salt Lake area.  Or you can watch it online at

For more information about The Three Deceivers or Richard Eyre go online to

To ask Richard a question or read the newsletter articles written for the Glenn Beck Newsletter go to

The Three Deceivers is published by Meridian Publishing with and is NOT available in bookstores.

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