Richard Eyre’s Three Deceivers on Glenn Beck Show

Richard Eyre first wrote his series on the Three Deceivers and the Three Alternatives for Meridian Magazine, and, impressed that the word needed to go farther and wider, Meridian Publishing turned it into a book this year.

Who should have a copy fall into his lap, but Glenn Beck, who featured Richard on his radio show both Monday and Tuesday, beginning Jan. 12. Here’s what Glenn’s newsletter has to say about it:

During the Christmas Sweater tour, as Glenn was traveling around the country, he was reading a book that at first glance he thought was going to hack him off. Turns out Glenn absolutely loved the book—it’s called The Three Deceivers by New York Times best selling author Richard Eyre. It takes a close look at the common things we put a high value on in life—things that on the surface seem fine (Control, Ownership, & Independence ) —and then explains why they are actually getting in the way of happiness. How could those three things be bad? Richard explains in this interview with Glenn. Read the transcript . .

Richard also has written a series of pieces exclusively for the email newsletter that further explain his concept that will run all week— here is the first of five eye opening pieces from best selling author Richard Eyre.

To buy the Three Deceivers, click here or here.

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