Please, No Zits! by Anne Bradshaw
By Michele Ashman Bell

Have you ever gone to the bookstore looking for a special gift for a teen and struggled with what to buy? Well, look no further. Please No Zits and Other Short Stories for LDS Youth is the perfect book for any youth on your list.

While living in England, Anne Bradshaw traveled the British Isles interviewing LDS youth. She discovered that they were “some of the finest young people” and felt that “it was amazing to be around them.”

With this kind of love and admiration for today’s youth, Anne Bradshaw has compiled a collection of short stories that are powerfully written and filled with emotion. Chances are, at least one – if not all – of the stories will leave the reader uplifted and inspired.

Each story provides a life-lesson that readers will easily connect with. Topics ranging from belonging to a part-member family and dating challenges, to self-esteem struggles and making tough choices, keep the book interesting and satisfying. Bradshaw compiled stories that tap into issues that youth face on a daily basis. Each story is moving and will speak to the reader’s heart, but will also teach, testify and uplift.

I thoroughly enjoyed this collection and wished at times that the stories didn’t have to end. I could have easily kept reading about the memorable main characters and the strength they discover within themselves to face their challenges and overcome the obstacles that life puts in their paths. Personally, I can’t think of a better message to provide youth.

With the holidays approaching and other special occasions, give a gift that has meaning and worth. Pick up a copy, or several to have on hand, the youth in your life will thank you.