Spencer W. Kimball
A Photo Essay

Edward L. Kimball, who co-authored the beloved biography of his father Spencer W. Kimball, has now written Lengthen Your Stride, The Presidency of Spencer W. Kimball.

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This equally remarkable book comes with a bonus-a CD full of photographs that cover President Kimball’s life from childhood through his years leading the Church.  The CD also contains a longer version of the text which was unable to be fit into the book.

For all of us who have missed President Kimball so much, enjoy this journey in memory.

Feel free to click on any photograph in this essay to enlarge it for a better view.

Spencer W. Kimball, high school graduate

Spencer in 1916

Spencer on mission, center.

Spencer and Camilla, newlyweds

Spencer and Camilla with young family

Spencer at Berchtesgaden-1955

Spencer and Indian children

Spencer and Harold B. Lee-1973 

President Kimball did not ever dream that someday he would be the prophet.

New First Presidency’s First Press Conference

First Presidency-Nathan Eldon Tanner, Spencer W. Kimball and Marion G. Romney

Spencer and Camilla on ferry “Viking” on way to Finland, August, 1974

At Arizona Temple Open House-1975

Proposing Building the Tokyo Temple in Tokyo, August 1975

Camilla with her flowers