Fame, Glory and Other Things on My To Do List
By Janette Rallison
Reviewed by Michele Ashman Bell

Every author has a famous trademark, and Janette Rallison’s is definitely humor.  But in her new book, Fame, Glory and Other Things on My To Do List, she adds another element which makes the book even that much more entertaining and worth reading – honest, heartfelt emotion.

Jessica, the heroine, has goals to become a famous Hollywood movie star, a real teen drama queen.  True to her dramatic nature she mistakes a young man in the parking lot at Wal-mart (where she works) for a would-be attacker.  To her horror, and relief, she learns he’s a new kid in town who just happens to own an identical car to hers, and she’s sitting in it!

All is not lost as the situation soon turns exciting.  He confides in her that he is the son of Christopher Hunter, world-famous movie star.  A secret he asks her to keep, to allow him a chance to be himself and have people like him for who he is, not who his father is.

Jessica’s mind concocts an intricate plan to not only use Jordan to help get back her ex-boyfriend, but also to help her reach her goal as an actress.

Plot twists and colorful characters paint a wonderfully delightful story that will not only be difficult to put down, but also be difficult to see come to an end. 

I loved the fun and humor of this book, but I also enjoyed the deeper plot-line that showed Jordan’s desire to see his divorced parents get back together again.  He’s convinced they still love each other and wants, more than ever, to help them fall back in love.  His emotions are real, his motivation is sincere and Rallison does a beautiful job writing a story that will be entertaining, but also satisfying.

If she isn’t already a favorite author, Janette Rallison’s books will soon be on everyone’s “must read” list.  This is one book you won’t want to miss.  

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