White Elegance Develops Micro-Enterprise Program for Pilipino Women

White Elegance, a contemporary LDS temple clothing and accessories company, is playing an active role in the alleviation of poverty in the city of Bacolod, Philippines. With the recent growth of the Philippine–Negros Livelihood Development Foundation, Inc. (PNLDFI), a Pilipino non-profit organization, White Elegance’s involvement with the program has lead to a significant increase in the number of women graduates from the skills training program.

As a corporate partner, White Elegance sends the entire customized and embroidered hankie and temple envelope orders to the Philippines where the women involved with the micro-enterprise program then embroider the pieces and return them to the US. In addition to the skills training, the additional income allows the women to invest in working capital for their micro-enterprises as well as enough disposable income to pay the tuition required to send their children to school. Zeny Candari, PNLDFI founder said, “I could shed tears of joy to see mothers and sisters sending children to school, repairing leaking roofs, and many other financial necessities met all because of our cottage industry and White Elegance.”

In addition to the educational partnership, White Elegance donates 10% of revenue back into the program on the pieces completed. These year-end donations help fund additional programs run by the PNLDFI. Founded in 1994, Philipino couple Eduardo and Zeny Candari has provided training to over 500 program graduates in sewing, welding, electrical wiring, computer skills, drafting, and printing. In addition to the training, the organization provides a modern learning facility, continuing “incubator” programs, and free legal services. This private Foundation exemplifies their motto by  “helping others help themselves”.

Corporate sponsors like White Elegance help micro-credit and non-profit organizations like PNLDFI overcome one of the major socio-economic challenges to continuing success. By providing the poor with the necessary skills training, working capital, continued support and self-employment, they are significantly increasing the women’s sense of security, autonomy, self-confidence and status within the household.

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