Miracle of an LDS Marine Hero

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Miracle of a US Marine war hero.

This is the story as best as I can recall what was said and transpired:

I was just watching Fox news coverage of the war in Iraq tonight, 4/10.03. It was live coverage. The Fox reporter (whom I believe was Rick Leventhal) was interviewing a young Lance Corporal Marine Reservist (who’s name I missed) who had been called up to fight in Iraq. The young blond haired Marine who appeared to be about 19 years old showed his helmet to the reporter. It had a bullet imbedded in it from an Iraqi machine gun. He recounted how he had been shot. He said he felt like a baseball bat had hit him in the head. He saw a flash of light then said the next thing he remembered was his buddy standing over him and he got up, shook himself off and then examined his helmet to find the bullet imbedded in it with a large lump formed on the inside. His head seemed not much worse for the wear.

The reporter asked him what he intended to do next. He replied, something like, “Fight on with my unit, of course.” The reporter made a point of asking each Marine he interviewed what they did on the outside and what were there plans for after the war. This young Lance Corporal replied to that question, “Well, I’m a student and just started school, but I’m planning to go on a mission for the Mormon Church soon.”

I was thinking about the souvenir he has to show when he gets home.
I also think its obvious why this young Marine was so miraculously saved.

From Arnold Miller
Irvine, California

Glenna James wrote:

I just saw a report of a soldier who showed his helmet with a bullet
imbedded in it. He was knocked down by the force, but was all right. They asked what he was doing before the war and he said going to college and planning on an L.D.S mission. It appeared to me as if the Lord had had been watching over him. He was blessed to be alive.

Margaret M. Harris wrote:

Evidently, this young Marine took a bullet in his helmet and was unhurt and Oliver North reported him to have been previously waiting to serve a mission for the Church while attending school. This, tonight, on Fox News, 10 Apr.

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