The Southwest Regional Congress of Families Draws National Leaders to Arizona

MESA, AZ– On November 10, 2001 concerned citizens and political, community and religious leaders from throughout America will meet in Arizona to defend this nation by way of its families. Holding to a daring premise-that shoring up the family as the fundamental unit of society is key to addressing the woes of the world and even our national security-they will be launching a cohesive program for the promotion of the traditional family. Similar events will be held in such locales as Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico City.

Organizers say their efforts are consistent with direction from our national leaders. Last week, Barbara Bush said, “The top priority right now for Americans is to be good parents and to not allow ourselves or our children to become prejudiced to a certain race or religion. Family must be the top priority” (Mesa Tribune, Oct 27, 2001).

“It is time to mainstream the traditional family back into our culture,” says Sharon Slater, President of United Families International, one of the organizations hosting the event, “There’s an army of dedicated people who are already committed to this cause, but our efforts have sometimes been haphazard and disjointed. We can’t afford to let that happen anymore. We are now ready to coordinate our labors so we can pull together instead of separately and make a dramatic difference for the family, for our nation and for the world.”

Renowned speakers who inspired and educated delegates at the (1998) World Congress of Families in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as local strategists who have been at the forefront of the family movement at home, will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the family today. Conference leaders will direct concerned citizens on ways to promote and protect the family in their communities. Participants will network and share ideas with each other. And a new program, the Family Action Council, will be launched to help citizens at the grass roots level to monitor what is happening in their communities and assess the impact on families.

Speakers will include Alan Carlson, founder of the World Congress of Families; Senator Patrick Fagan, from the Heritage Foundation; Richard Wilkins from the World Family Policy Center; Danny Ainge, former Head Coach of the Phoenix Suns; and Austin Ruse from the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute.

Entertainment will be provided by The Osmonds-Second Generation, the Arizona State University choir, The Roberts Sisters, as well as children’s choirs from throughout the valley.

Registration for the Southwest Regional World Congress
of Families is $25 per person or $40 per couple. More
information is available at:
Contact Information:
Lynn Allred (480) 545-0485


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