The Association for Mormon Letters presents the Third Annual LDS Writers’ Conference-“Mission Impossible: Breaking New Ground in LDS Literature”

Saturday, November 3, 2001
9 am to 5 pm
Thanksgiving Point
Lehi, Utah
Garden Center

People who say something is impossible are always being interrupted by those accomplishing it. Richard Dutcher was one of those interrupters when he released his film God’s Army. He produced a film that was aimed at the Mormon audience, produced it in a professional manner, told a good story, and had it screened throughout the country and in foreign lands. Most important of all, people came to see it-enough to make it a success.

Kenny Kemp is another of those pioneers who accomplished the impossible. He began self-publishing his books when he couldn’t get a publisher interested in them. He marketed himself into enough success with his book Dad Was a Carpenter to win the Writer’s Digest National Self-Published Book Awards grand prize. That prize eventually led him to a contract for the book with Harper Collins that earned him a six-figure advance. He has also had his first book I Hated Heaven optioned by a Hollywood film producer to be adapted into a movie.

Join Richard Dutcher and Kenny Kemp at the Third Annual AML LDS Writers’ Conference, the only writers conference specifically designed for authors of LDS literature. Dutcher will conduct a Q&A session on LDS art in general, and another on film making for the LDS audience. Kemp will discuss his experiences in self-publishing, in going with a national book publisher, and what advantages and disadvantages either approach offer. He will also conduct a nuts-and-bolts seminar on self-publishing.
Additionally, we will have other guests prominent in LDS literature, film, and theater giving presentations and instructional workshops for those who are or aspire to be published authors, or who are interested in LDS film and theater production.

These include Paris Anderson, Paul Bishop, Marilyn Brown, Gideon Burton, Carolyn Campbell, Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, Thom Duncan, Sharlee Glenn, Tyler Moulton, Scott Parkin, Kevin Rand,Eric Samuelsen, Eric Snyder, and Dave Wolverton.
Join us on the impressive campus of Thanksgiving Point, north of Lehi, Utah, for this exciting and stimulating event in LDS literature, sponsored by the Association for Mormon Letters, a non-profit organization for the promotion and scholarly study of LDS literature of all types and genres, including film and theater.

Guests of Honor:
Richard Dutcher
Kenny Kemp

Pre-registration admission: $40 AML member admission: $30
Admission at the door: $50 Student admission: $30
Admission Includes Catered Lunch

Make checks payable to AML. Mail form and payment to:
P.O. Box 51364
Provo, UT 84605-1364

Scheduled Conference Sessions
Point of view
The role of marketing in LDS publishing
Police procedures for writers
Motivation for writers
Opening with a great hook
Covering cotroversial topics and staying Mormon
Successful freelancing
Literature for children and young adults
Where ideas come from and how to get them
Editing and rewriting
The seven parts of a story
The nine act story structure
The business end of being an author
Using research to make the lie believable
Scriptwriting for film/TV/theater
Opening up your own theater
Producing your own play
Self-publishing through self-binding
Personal essays
Developing your own style
Being a critic for an LDS audience
Additional Presentations & Features
Representatives from LDS publishers discussing how to publish with them.
A reading of the play “A Really Good Impression” by Eric Samuelsen.
Screening of BYU student films made during the last year.
Book shop carrying books by guests and presenters and other LDS literature, sponsored by the Read Leaf Bookstore in Springville UT.
Informal reception following the conference.


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