Lawmaker Agrees Attending World Congress of Families Even More Important Now

Washington, D.C. (September 20) — Organizers of the World Congress of Families – Washington, D.C., to be held October 26-27, responded with a decided “yes” when asked if they are going ahead with the conference in the aftermath of last week’s terrorist attacks.

Maurice McBride, General Secretary for the conference on families, said it is now more important than ever for families to be strengthened, and for the institution of the family to be strengthened.

“It is in the family,” he said, “with parents and children gathered in prayer on behalf of those who have suffered most in this tragedy, and on behalf of our nation’s leaders as we move forward, that the greatest security can be found in this most challenging of times.”

McBride noted what he believes to be the most eloquent editorial cartoon coming out of the attacks. The copyrighted picture by Jeff Stahler first appeared in the September 15 edition of the Cincinnati Post. In the middle of a scene of building rubble lies a single cell phone on the ground. Coming out of the phone are the words, “I love you.”

“When people knew they were going to die, the first people they contacted were not their stock brokers, not their insurance agents, not their golfing buddies, and not even their ministers. They wanted to talk to wives, to husbands, to children, to parents,” McBride said.

Similar thoughts on the impacts of these events on families were expressed by some of the people scheduled to speak at next month’s conference.

For example, Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis of Virginia held a series of special Town Hall Meetings in her district this week to discuss Congressional action in light of the terrorist attacks. She expressed heartfelt sorrow for those who have lost loved ones in the awful devastation.

Congresswoman Davis spoke especially of the fire fighters who lost their lives when the first tower collapsed in New York. “They were the elite,” she said. “They were the ones especially trained to go into burning high-rise office buildings and bring out those trapped inside. They died doing their job.”

Her feelings were especially poignant because her own husband was a fire fighter before he retired so she could take her congressional seat in Washington. “My heart goes out to the wives and husbands and children of those who sacrificed their lives for others,” she said.

The first-term Member of Congress discussed her vote to support military action. “It is not easy to vote for war,” she said, “and I have two sons, ages 19 and 21, who could very well be directly affected by this. But we have a nation to preserve, and we must protect our American rights and liberties, and our lives.”

Asked if she still intends to participate in the World Congress of Families, Davis smiled and said, “I’ll see you there.” The congresswoman believes that faith in God and being part of a strong family remain the greatest source of security and comfort for children and adults.

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