God’s Army To Open In Mexico

Salt Lake City, UT — GOD’S ARMY, the independent film success of 2000, has been re-mastered in Spanish and plans are now being laid to open the film throughout Latin America. EL EJ*RCITO DE DIOS, as it’s called in Spanish, will open first in Mexico City on October 19, 2001. A free screening of the movie in Salt Lake City will be August 18.

It was almost two years to the day after Luis Robledo, aka Sandoval, the Lamanite, jumped up on a wall and portrayed a missionary calling Hollywood to repentance, that the Latino Star was voicing the same speech in his native tongue, for the new version. The non-Latter-day Saint co-star of the original movie is proud of both efforts. “While making GOD’S ARMY I gained a tremendous respect for these young missionaries who give up two years of their life for such a noble cause,” says Robledo. “You almost never hear of people that age sacrificing so much.”

“It has always been our intent to take this film to Latin America” said Richard Dutcher, writer, producer, and director of the movie. “There are 11 million members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints world wide, and this is a world-wide message. We expect God’s Army to do extremely well in Mexico and other South American Countries.”

Release dates are pending for Central and South America, but will now be coming together with the Spanish version of the movie being complete. “E-mail has been pouring in from all over Latin America pleading with us to bring the movie to them, even if it had to be in English. We did better than that. We’re not even using subtitles, which would have been much less expensive,” says Dean Hale with Excel Distribution, the distributor of the movie. “Brother Canals insisted from the start that the film must have the voices re-mastered in Spanish.”

A free screening of EL EJ*RCITO DE DIOS for the Salt Lake area will take place August 18 at the Carmike Ritz in West Valley City at 10 am. To secure free tickets to the event, please call Scott Champion at (801) 355-1771.



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