New Trailer for Brigham City hits Theaters this Weekend

Latest Film from Director of God’s Army Opens in Theaters April 6, 2001

Salt Lake City, UT-The newest version of the trailer for Brigham City, the latest film from the director of God’s Army, hits theaters along the Wasatch Front this weekend.

An early version of the trailer for Richard Dutcher’s latest film was first released on the VHS and DVD release of God’s Army, Dutcher’s breakthrough movie about Mormon missionaries. That first trailer was cut while Brigham City was still being filmed in Mapleton, Utah.

The newer version of the trailer will begin showing in theaters from Logan to St. George this weekend. While still keeping most of the film a secret, this trailer is faster paced than the original and reveals more about the film’s characters and plot.

The trailer has been approved for viewing by all audiences, but the film has not yet been rated by the MPAA. The film is scheduled for release into select cities nationwide on April 6, 2001.

Brigham City is a classic whodunit, a murder mystery set in a small, fictional Mormon town. The picturesque tranquility of Brigham is shattered when a woman from California is found murdered in her car.

As in God’s Army, Dutcher plays co-star in a film he wrote, produced and directed. Dutcher’s character is sheriff of the quiet town with the added distinction of being a Mormon bishop in Brigham. Mormonism and issues of faith are again at the core of the story in Brigham City.

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