New building replaces meetinghouse destroyed by fire nearly two years ago

Mesa, AZThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is pleased to announce the open house of a church building replacing one completely destroyed by fire in November, 2007. The church building, or Stake Center, is located at 1430 North Grand, south of McLellan Road, between Center Street and Country Club Drive in Mesa, Arizona.

November, 2007

A community open house and self-guided tour were held Saturday, October 24.

An official dedication took place on Sunday, October 18, 2010. Speaking at the dedication were Church leaders, Elder David E. LeSueur of the Seventy, who is a local resident; and Craig M. Ahlstrom, Stake President presiding over the building where three congregations will assemble.

October, 2009

In a dedicatory prayer at the official dedication on Sunday, October 18, , Elder David E. LeSueur blessed the many rooms and features of the building, blessing it as a house of worship, and asking that its doors will “greet equally all the children of men.”

“We express gratitude to the neighbors who patiently endured the construction and to all those who labored on this beautiful structure,” said President Craig M. Ahlstrom, who was involved in the Church’s decision to rebuild the meetinghouse on this site. “It will provide a place where individuals and families will be strengthened, spirits lifted, and all who enter feel a closeness to our Heavenly Father.”

The traditional style meetinghouse features a brick façade with white architectural elements anchored by a single spire as its focal point.  The building is designed to accommodate a variety of activities and includes a chapel seating nearly 300 people for Sunday worship services. It also features classrooms for gospel study, a baptismal font, a library, a cultural hall with stage, and a basketball court that can be used for a variety of purposes.