TAIWAN – Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan earlier this month, killing 141 people and leaving hundreds more missing. Roads to dozens of villages also remained blocked, and thousands of people are living in disaster relief shelters. It is the deadliest storm to hit Taiwan in 50 years.


Satellite image of Typhoon Morakot hitting shore (NASA/MODIS Rapid Response)

Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are working with government officials and a prominent nonprofit agency to provide assistance. Local Church leaders are also assisting affected Church members with immediate needs.

Food, water, hygiene supplies, generators, pumps and other relief supplies have been purchased or rented to assist families and individuals in the community. Donations from Church members of rice, water and other daily necessities have been collected and distributed.


As is often the case when disasters strike, Church buildings are being used as staging areas for cleanup projects. The Church is prepared to respond quickly to emergencies in all parts of the world. More than 1,000 Church members from across Taiwan have joined with missionaries to assist in cleanup efforts in affected areas. A Taiwan Television news story recently covered Mormon missionary cleanup efforts. See the video here.

Nearly 50,000 Church members in 100 congregations live in Taiwan. There is also a Church temple there.

Church Taiwan website: http://www.lds.org.tw/