SALT LAKE CITY , Utah – Larry Poulsen, a noted biochemist recently retired from the University of Texas at Austin, will address attendees at the 10 th Annual Mormon Apologetics Conference Aug 7-8 in Sandy, Utah.

His presentation at the conference will be, “Book of Mormon Geography: Convergence of Culture and Geography.”

Dr. Poulsen, author of numerous publications in the field of biochemistry, has also devoted a good percentage of his time to the study of the Book of Mormon and the implications of the textual descriptions of Book of Mormon culture and geography.

He has published some of his conclusions about the impact of modern and ancient Mesoamerican culture on the interpretation of Book of Mormon text in relation to Nephite and Jaredite geography on his website. He has also published in the FARMS Review of Books.

The 10th Annual FAIR Mormon Apologetics Conference covers wide-ranging topics that are sure to please every interest. FAIR invites you to join them for a frank, thought-provoking, faith-building, and enjoyable experience.

Early registration, before July 25th, will include a catered lunch. Registration after that day, including at the door registration, will not include lunch.

The full FAIR announcement of the conference, with registration information and schedule of speakers may be accessed at html.