Here’s a question for you: What do Queen Elizabeth, Charlton Heston, Prince Charles, and Captain Moroni have in common? The answer may surprise you. All had their portraits painted by master artist Arnold Friberg.

Arnold Friberg, noted for his religious and patriotic paintings, may be best known within LDS circles for his beautiful depictions of ancient prophets from the Book of Mormon. Chad Harris, owner of, recently announced his company recently secured the rights to the limited edition lithograph prints of the Book of Mormon artworks by Friberg.

Harris is making these treasured works available for the public to enjoy by arranging shows at art galleries nationwide.  Apple Frame Gallery in Bountiful, Utah, is the first to host the collection, which will be on display until June 27, 2008.

If you want the art show to visit your area, please make your voice heard by voting at The tour will visit sites that are most frequently requested by art lovers who visit the site.

About The Art Collection

In 1951, Adele Cannon Howells, who was then general president of the Primary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commissioned Arnold Friberg to create a series of paintings depicting events in The Book of Mormon for the 50 th anniversary of the Primary’s monthly publication The Children’s Friend.

The originals now hang in the LDS Conference Center, and for the first time the lithographed collection — signed and numbered by Friberg, and personally wrapped in beautiful frames and matting — will be on display for the public to enjoy.

“Having personally witnessed collectors’ and art lovers’ reactions when they see the collection first hand, you know we have something very special. These are the last signed sets by Friberg himself, and when they are gone that is it. Even if you have never collected in your life, you need to see these first hand; you will love it,” said Chad Harris, art show director.

About The Artist

Born December 21, 1913, in Winnetka, Illinois, Arnold Friberg is recognized as one of the greatest master painters of modern times. Perhaps his best-known work is the 1975 American masterpiece “The Prayer at Valley Forge” — depicting George Washington praying while the Continental Army winters at Valley Forge.

He also did the pre-visualization paintings for the Cecil B. DeMille film The Ten Commandments , for which he received an Academy Award nomination.

In 1978, Friberg was commissioned to do a portrait of Prince Charles with his horse Centennial (the great-grandson of Man-O-War). This was done at a studio in Buckingham Palace. In 1990, he and his wife were invited back to spend another six weeks residing in Buckingham Palace for his commissioned undertaking of an equestrian portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and Centennial.

Being commissioned to paint these royal portraits would mean that Arnold Friberg’s name be included in a list with such great artists as Rembrandt, Velazquez, Raphael, Rubens, Van Dyck and numerous other masters who had painted portraits of the royal family.

He was made a life member of the honorable Royal Society of Arts, London, which accounts for the initials R.S.A. after his name.

In his advanced age, Friberg still works when he can from his studio in Salt Lake City.

“Art to me is a service, to bring enrichment to people’s lives,” he said. “That’s why I want my art to be perfectly understood. One of the things I work for is clarity. That doesn’t mean hard-edged forms, but clarity of the picture: what time of day, what kind of lighting, where it is. It should all be clear. I hope no one ever has to explain my pictures.”