From Canada to Australia, from Lithuania to Sri Lanka, Meridian readers are saddened at the death of President Hinckley.  Here are more of their tributes and recollections, demonstrating the greatness of this prophet of God:

This story came to me, through a conversation with a young tourist who had recently been in Manila on the day President Hinckley was speaking at an area conference. This young man was touring the world with his cousin, and they were visiting the American Cemetery. This caught my interest, because I had visited the Cemetery with Br. Peter Grimm, who had created the Cemetery under the order of General Douglas MacArthur.

This young man was impressed with a church-related university in Virginia, which followed BYU standards, and was interested in trying to set up such a school in the Philippines.
While they were walking through the cemetery, they noted a group of cars drive into the area. He then noticed that an older couple was taking flowers to a special marker in the cemetery. Even though they did not know of the conference, they were thrilled to recognize that it was President and Sister Hinckley.

At first reluctant to approach them, since they were dressed in shorts and tank-tops, they introduced themselves, and spoke of their dreams of a college in the Philippines. They spent nearly an hour talking with him about their dreams, when President Hinckley apologetically looked at his watch, and commented that others were waiting for them to have dinner. He invited them into his car, took them to dinner. As dinner was finished, he told them they must leave for a little get-together with the saints. Please join us, he said, and took them again in his car, making sure they had a place to sit three rows behind the podium.
I have always been so impressed that President Hinckley acknowledged this very young couple, and took the time to hear of their dreams, and invited them to join in the important events of that momentous conference.
This is just one unpublished account that demonstrates to me his true greatness as a leader and prophet.
Boyd J. Hale
Vilnius, Lithuania.

P.S. One selfish reason for sharing this story is that I have lost the name of this truly incredible young man, whom I met through my medical practice in Provo, and I hope that he will read this story, respond to it, and hopefully I can regain contact with him. If he is still working on this dream, I would love to be involved in helping him raise to funds to bring his dream to reality.


I first met President Hinckley at the dedication of the Orlando Temple in October 1994.  I was on the temple music committee and in the very early morning, my now deceased husband and I were standing at one of the entrances to the temple on the basement level awaiting the choir members. President Howard  W.Hunter, his wife, President Gordon B.Hinckley and Sister Hinckley and President Thomas S. Monson and his wife walked in with their entourage. President Hinckley, the jovial person he always was, asked if we were “awake”; each of the Presidency shook our hands. My husband and I are both adult coverts; it was a very special honor to meet them.

I also remember at the laying of the cornerstone he invited several young children to help.  He instructed to them as to how to use the trowel with the “mud”.  He was such a positive, happy person; I shall always try to follow his example.

Phyllis J. Rosecrans Smith
Pullman, Washington 


I would like to share a few memories of President Gordon B. Hinckley. 

In the late summer or early fall of 1958, I was a missionary in Zurich, Switzerland.  My companion, Elder Edwin Fankhauser, had arrived from Utah a few weeks earlier. Elder Hinckley, then newly-called Assistant to the Quorum of the Twelve, announced that he would be visiting Europe and coming to Switzerland. 

Elder Fankhauser is the only missionary I have ever known who was interviewed by his stake president and a general authority, and they were the same man — Elder Hinckley.  He wanted to see Elder Fankhauser, a neighbor boy from his East Millcreek Stake, and the city of Zurich, and asked our mission president, Jesse R. Curtis, if we could show him the city for a day.  We did. 

Given his lifelong historical curiosity, Elder Hinckley was particularly interested in seeing the Grossmuenster Church where the earliest Swiss Reformer, Huldrych Zwingli, had preached and begun the Swiss version of the Protestant Reformation.  There were also the famous Marc Chagall stained glass windows in the Fraumuenster across the Limmat River.

I never saw him in person again until the early months of 1981, when it was announced that he and his wife, Marjorie, would be accompanying the BYU Young Ambassadors on a tour of communist Eastern Europe with performances in Romania, the former Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union.  Still, he remembered me from 1958. As had been the case a year earlier when Elder Hinckley became the first apostle to visit Communist China, he would now establish another of his many firsts: he would be the first apostle to visit Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. (Elder Ezra Taft Benson had visited the USSR in 1952 as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture).

His purpose, so it seemed to me, was to take the “spiritual pulse” of the countries we would be visiting to see about possibilities for opening them to the preaching of the Gospel. My wife Carol and I had been asked to accompany the group; I was to be the cultural adviser, commentator and tour manager.  The Hinckleys regularly attended meetings in the old BYU Social Hall, where we were prepared for the trip.  Both took considerable pride in their ability to “pack light” — something a number of the rest of us could learn.  I remember he somewhat amusingly commented that you could tell those who had had a lot of traveling experience: they knew how to pack and travel light. It was clear that they were in that category; not all of us were.  

The group flew into Bucharest, Romania and held two concerts in that country then traveled west and crossed into Yugoslavia, arriving in Belgrade late at night.  There the Hinckleys and our provost, Jae Ballif and his wife, Carma, joined the group. 

Another newcomer to our bus at the time was Kresimir Cosic, the former BYU basketball star — his number 11 has been retired and now hangs from the rafters of the Marriott Center.  He had returned to Yugoslavia, was something of a national basketball hero and also was the in-country leader of a handful of Latter-day Saint converts working with less than a dozen missionaries whose activities were severely hampered and curtailed by government restrictions.

Cosic had strong opinions on many things, but especially on what the Church should be doing in his country to get more converts.  During the bus rides from city to city, some of us more experienced “brethren watchers” marveled at how he repeatedly “bent Elder Hinckley’s ear.”  He had had, it seemed, little “coaching” in Church protocol. Whatever Cosic told him, I do not know, but shortly after Elder Hinckley’s return to Salt Lake City, the missionaries were withdrawn from that country.  Apparently, or so we were told, Elder Hinckley thought the restrictions so rigid and stultifying that it was virtually impossible for them to have the experiences he thought “real” missionaries should have while serving. 

Another experience taught me something about Elder Hinckley’s combination of wisdom, inspiration and judgment.  Because of some miscommunication, the Yugoslav Cultural Agency responsible for scheduling the concerts, had scheduled one for Sunday evening in the historic and ancient Croatian capital, Varazdin.  The tickets had been sold; the advertising done.

Because of BYU’s long-standing adherence to Church policy of keeping the Sabbath Day holy, we asked Elder Hinckley what we should do about this problem. He thought about it for some time during the afternoon then told us that we should go on with the concert, making it the best ever.  At the same time, he would prepare a statement clearly stating the Church’s belief about the Sabbath Day but that because those who had come had purchased their tickets in good faith, we would try to give them “our best concert ever.”

After writing the brief statement, he asked one of the elders — I think it was Elder James Lyon — to translate it into Serbo-Croatian and read it to the audience prior to the performance.  Everyone performed well, including a young sister who had become ill and received a blessing from Elder Hinckley and some of the other brethren in the group.

There were many other interesting events along the way.  While enduring he 36-hour train ride over Sunday from Kiev, Ukraine to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) Russia, Elder Hinckley and Brother Ballif visited each compartment of tour member Saints, administered and passed the sacrament and gave us brief uplifting messages. As a result, though on a train a long way from home, we still knew it was the Sabbath. He also recounted to Brother Ballif and me his unique interview with Sonia Johnson in his Salt Lake City office.  Following her non-stop monologue, he told her, “Sister Johnson, I have listened to you patiently for 45 minutes.  I would only like to tell you this: if you persist in your crusade, you will lose your family and you will lose your membership in the Church.” And so it happened.

It was Monday when we got to our hotel in Leningrad.  Some of the students asked me if we could have Home Evening that night. They would like to ask Elder Hinckley some questions.  I said I would ask him.  He readily assented, saying I would need to find a large enough room to accommodate all of us somewhere in the hotel.  I asked our government-appointed guides (really KGB agents) who, like the biblical poor, were always with us, if that could be arranged.  Surprisingly, they found us the “Red Room,” the place where the local Communist Party, held its meetings. 

On the wall behind the podium hung a huge obligatory photo of Leonid Brezhnev, then in power.  He was flanked by somewhat smaller photos of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.  Stalin was out of favor and nowhere to be seen. All around the room were dozens of smaller photos of local party apparatchiki. On arrival in the room and with considerable impertinence, impudence and poor judgment about appropriate humor, I inquired of Elder Hinckley if I could take a photo of him standing in front of the three Communist dignitaries.  “Then,” I said, with impudence running wild, “we can send it to Elder Ezra Taft Benson of the Quorum of the Twelve.”  He had no objection, noting only that before he would permit it, Jae and I would have to stand with him in the photo.  I got the message. 

The question-answer hour was one to be remembered. Our KGB guests remained with us.  We all knew why they were there. That night we again experienced his even-then legendary reputation for candor and credibility.  For me, the high point was when he told us all: “I have now been with you for several weeks, and I can tell you that if you will continue living the way you are living now, you will be saved.” I was thrilled and wanted the entire Church membership to hear this same message.  Two members of the cast, both returned missionaries, however, were disturbed by it.  They asked if they could speak to me in their room about 10:30 that night.  I went. They said they were troubled by the statement I had loved so much.  “He didn’t sound much like an apostle to them,” they claimed.  “Apostles are supposed to call us to repentance.”  Over the years it has become clear to me that President Hinckley’s message of love and affection for the Saints has had the powerful effect of calling me and perhaps others to repentance.

The concerts were well-attended and filled with the Spirit.  We experienced the Young Ambassador music artistry and spiritual-human magic first hand.  While in Leningrad, Jae and I had a special experience.  As we were getting back on the bus, following our visit to the Hermitage and an explanation of what had happened on that very spot during the Revolution of 1905, we heard Elder Hinckley talking out loud to himself:  “When we start in this country, we’ll start here.” 

And so it was.  A few years later while attending a scholarly conference in Chicago, CNN carried the news on a Sunday morning that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had begun doing missionary work in Russia, beginning in Leningrad.  When I returned to Provo, I called Jae and asked him, “Do you remember the ‘mini’ prophecy we heard?”  He said he did.  When I later questioned President Hinckley if he remembered, he said he didn’t. 

After we all returned home, we had the honor of having the Hinckleys and other members of the group at our home for dinner.  Later, they invited us to visit them.  When we arrived, he took me first to show me his library.  He was clearly very proud of it.  On the left , he said, were the books he had inherited from his father.  On the right were his own additions.  Perusing the majestic range of titles and subjects, there were many classics of literature and philosophy, but also much history and theology.  For the first time, I understood something of the intellectual background, reading interests and sources of inspiration for this great man. 

During our trip, he, of course, did not know that within a month of our return, he would be called into the First Presidency.  What a marvelous thing it has been to have lived during his ministry. 

Douglas F. Tobler
Lindon, Utah


I always loved to listen to Pres. Hinckley speak. I could not understand how anyone listening to him did not believe that he was a prophet of God. Just listening to his voice brought a strong testimony of who he was. I know he is with his beloved eternal companion, but he will be missed here.

Betty Meyers
Chiloquin, Oregon


I loved President Hinckley.  He was my favorite Prophet. I really enjoyed his sense of humor and his spiritual guidance.  I will surely miss him!

Martha Knox-Stanfill
Dayton, Ohio


My letter contains nothing profound or different from anyone else, but I wanted to express my feelings about President Gordon B. Hinckley.  He was a wonderful example to all who saw and met him.  His quick wit and outstanding sense of humor helped him win many friends and was also an instrument in his showing people that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  He will truly be missed in mortality, but loved for eternity. 

To his family and loved ones, I know you are sad to see him go, but also know that you are happy he will be with his wonderful, loving wife, and your mother.  The two of them were wonderful examples to all mankind throughout the world. 

My sincerest thoughts and sympathy are with you at this time as you (and all of us) mourn the loss of your father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and the Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Linda T. Coltes
Kinston North Carolina Stake


Tonight for family home evening we sang “We thank thee O’ God for a Prophet” and enjoyed viewing the pictures of President Hinckley you published today.  Our family home evening has center around him and the influence that he had for good in our lives.  Each one of us would like
to share a few of our feeling and memories of him as our prophet.

  • “Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley is the best prophet I ever knew.”  Caleb age 7.
  • “President Gordon B. Hinckley is a very good man.”  Jami age 10.
  • “I love President Hinckley’s humor.  To me his fun spirit and humor exemplified that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is joyful and brings much happiness to our lives.  President Hinckley was happiness in the most perfect sense of the word.”  Gary age 35.
  • “President Gordon B. Hinckley is the man everyone would want to be friends with.  When he speaks he really touches my heart with his words.”  Alex age 9.
  • “I am so grateful for President Hinckley. Because of his challenge to read the Book of Mormon I am closer to my savior. I feel very blessed to have lived in this time when he served as a prophet of God on the Earth.” Elyse age 34.
  • “I like him, I love him, I want some more of him!” Drew age 5.

We love you President Gordon B. Hinckley.  Thank you for you leadership, kindness, love and example of true happiness. 

The Diewald Family
Johnstown, Colorado


I think we all loved President Hinckley. He could make each one of us feel special, even if it was in a room full of people. He radiated with kindness and love for all, especially the Primary children of the Church. He is deeply loved and will be remembered for his great words of wisdom gave to us all. We are sad, but happy that he has now been reunited with his darling wife and parents.

Our prayers and thankfulness go out to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Thank you for sharing this wonderful man with us all. We will all be better people for knowing President Gordon B. Hinckley.

CaroLee B. Arscott
Uintah/South Ogden, Utah


President Hinckley has been associated with the First Presidency ever since I joined the Church 26 years ago, having been called as Counselor to the First Presidency the year before as the 1st and 2nd Counselors were getting so feeble.  I shook his hand once (24 years ago) when he came to our ward to speak at the funeral of our stake patriarch Rulon Sperry (who had given me and my daughter our patriarchal blessings). 

My wife got to meet him when she worked at Farm Management in Utah.  She and I had the opportunity to see him up close as members of the Mormon Choir of Washington in the DC Temple when he came for the thirtieth anniversary of its dedication.  After we saw him there, I likened him to “Yoda” because he hobbled in with his cane, then set it aside, and proceeded to give a powerful address (wielding his light saber all the way).  I also recall how badly another daughter wanted to see him at a youth fireside when she was almost 14, and how she was able to get special permission to squeeze in even though she was a couple weeks too young.  We
will all miss him very much.

Ben Jones
Bowie, Maryland


Thank you for the wonderful tribute to President Hinckley. The world press service has treated this great man’s death as naught! There is not much said about him in the news here in Ohio and world news. A few meager sentences; that is all. FOR SHAME!

Nancy M. Gill


In 1984, President Hinckley (then Elder Hinckley) came to Boise, Idaho, to dedicate our new temple.  I’ll never forget the genuine kindness and gratitude he showed to me and some other sisters in my stake when we had the opportunity to serve lunch to him and those with him. 

After he ate, he came into the kitchen and shook each of our hands and thanked us for taking time out of our busy schedules to prepare a lunch for them.  I had been so honored to serve him and it touched my heart that he would take the time to express his gratitude to us.

Deborah Dougal
Roseville, California


I don’t understand how I can feel so happy and so sad at the same time. I just picture his happiness at passing and rejoining his wife and meeting with the only people he may have loved more than her — Our Father and Jesus Christ.  Heaven must have rejoiced. And yet I miss him already. I feel like he was a beloved grandfather I just wasn’t ready to let go of. Of course we are in good hands, as we always have been. But we love you, President Hinckley, and thank you for all you have done for us.

Marsha Leguizamon
Grand Junction, Colorado


His testimony of Christ, his leadership, his character, his speaking abilities, his soft words, encouraging words in the face of trying times, his kind spirit, his social skills, his humor just endeared him to all of us. He was a most positive influence, and will truly be missed by every one in the church.

As I write this, I just learned that youth in the South Jordan (Utah) Stake and other places in the east have dressed in Sunday best (to attend school) to honor the Prophet today.  For those that aren’t members, they will ask why and the youth will be witnesses of Christ and how a dear Prophet of God influenced them to reach higher and be disciples of Jesus.  Such is the impact of President Gordon B. Hinckley.  All over the church he has touched young and old a like.  Oh, how we love him!  Oh, how we will miss him.

Charles & Eleanor Johnson
Las Vegas, Nevada


Having done thirty-odd years of genealogy and having discovered royal lines and a Mayflower line, and then discovering that President Hinckley and one of my lines converge through Thomas Hinckley, Gov. of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and one of his sons, Samuel, the other two discoveries faded in importance to me. President Hinckley was truly one of the most remarkable men who ever lived, and I am deeply proud that we shared an ancestor. I loved our dear prophet with all of my heart and am so glad he is reunited with his beloved Marjorie, but most of all with His Savior, Jesus Christ.

Jo Morris


It is hard to explain the mixed feelings that I have when thinking about the passing of our dear prophet.  I am happy to know that he is with his beloved Marjorie.  I am saddened to know that we will not hear his voice in conference again. 

A leader like Gordon B. Hinckley is unique in today’s world.  He has been — like the mutual theme for the year — Steadfast and Immovable.

Tommy Haws
New Mexico


President Hinckley is a wonderful man and a true inspiration to all of us.  He will be greatly missed — not only for his spiritual strength, but also for his wonderful sense of humor.  It’s wonderful for him though that he is now with his beloved companion who he missed so dearly.

Laurel Gallegos
Grand Junction, Colorado


I joined the church in Alabama in 1968, at age 18. At that time, President David O. McKay was the Prophet of the Church.  I remember that I never saw him at conference on TV. It was always announced that he was watching the proceedings from his suite across the street at the Hotel Utah.  I began to think that is how it was supposed to be; you did not see the prophet just as you did not see God himself.  Of course, I came to know better and am very grateful that I came to feel I almost knew President Hinckley personally. 

I had the privilege to see him in person twice — once when he came to and spoke at a Regional Conference in Columbia, SC.  He was not a member of the First Presidency at the time, but had the assignment to assist them.  I could feel his humbleness and great spirit even from a distance. But my most wonderful memory of him was when he came to dedicate the Birmingham Alabama Temple.  I was blessed to be asked to work in the waiting room at the front of the temple.  As he was leaving the temple after the dedication services, he paused before going out the door and turned and looked in my direction.  I knew we had been asked not to shake his hand due to his arthritis but I longed to reach out and touch him.  I was probably only 10 feet from him.  But when he looked at me, he nodded as if thanking me for my service that day.  I nodded in return.  That beautiful spirit met mine in that sacred place and it is a moment I shall never forget.

Marlene Stevens
Tuscaloosa, Alabama


It is a sad and a joyous time as we think about our beloved Prophet who has left us.  I am so grateful for Conference, when we get to not only to see him but hear his sweet voice. 
He has been lonely since the passing of his sweet wife, so I know that he is elated to be with her again. 
I was fortunate enough to be at Sister Hinckley’s birthday party, with Gladys Knight and Michael Ballam were present.  Sister Hinckley spoke and was telling thing her way with humor and President Hinckley got up beside her and together they were so funny and so loving toward each other.  He also came up to Ogden to talk, and when he came in we all stood and sang “We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet,” he starts waving his hand, gesturing for us to sit down. He was not pompous; he was not too busy to say hi or wave.  He will be sorely missed and yet thankfully the gospel goes on with total guidance from the Lord and his chosen men. 

Kathy Ogden
Las Vegas, Nevada


We are parents of 10 years old twins, Stephanie and Ian.  President Hinckley was the only prophet our kids knew in their life, and last night I discovered their real love and importance the prophet has had all this time.  When we shared the news we observed they reaction filled with great sadness and a loving broken heart. 

So many times I had wondered how deep my children feel the gospel in their life, how really important are the principles of the gospel in their minds and hearts as they are growing into teenager years.  Last night I received the answer.  The kids loved the prophet more than I ever could picture in my mind.  All these years, the prophet’s words had fed their testimonies, their values and their goals. President Hinckley was a loving prophet with a sweet and fun personality; he was down to earth with the issues that affect us all.

We’ll miss him but at the same time we are so happy that he is back with his sweetheart, Marjorie!

The Driggs
Thousand Oaks, California


President Hinckley was called to be my stake president in the Salt Lake City, East Mill Creek area, when I was five years old. Although I was too young to remember it, his life has directly influenced mine. His never failing positive attitude and the humor he used to lighten every situation has been an example to me and countless members throughout the world. We celebrate his life and his eternal reunion with his beloved Marjorie. Together again!

Linda Ottley
Highland, Utah


We have so much love and gratitude for our dearly, beloved Prophet. When he speaks, he brings joy and hope into our souls. We always wonder at every General Conference if this will be his last, but never thinking it will be his last that he will live to be 100. We are thankful that the Alumni Building at Brigham Young University was finished in one year and that he was there for the dedication on his birthday, June 23, 2007.

We are thankful that he did not suffer and that he is with his dear wife and his mother who died when he was young and his father and so many others, let alone Christ. He will still be looking down, with much interest and concern upon the happenings upon the earth at this time of much upheaval. I am sure we will feel his spirit as we go about our busy lives. Thank you Pres. Hinckley for your love and service as our Prophet.

Sandra & Jerry Hekekia
Thatcher, Arizona


If everyone was like President Hinckley there would be no problems in the world. What a remarkable man! I printed out a beautiful picture of him that was shown on today and made several copies for our children. My wife cried when I showed her the picture; she loved him so much. We just loved to watch him and his wife as they were interviewed in the past on TV. Such a beautiful couple, and such a perfect eternal marriage. The impish smiles, the little quips they would make about each other with their mutual sense of humor. They were “one” in every sense of the word.

My eyes are tearing up as I write this because I can still picture them in my mind. This man will go down in history as one of the most beloved prophets in our church.

Wayne and Jerri Ford
Huntington Beach, California


I’m saddened to hear about President Gordon B. Hinckley. But I also know that he fulfilled his mission as our prophet and the things he was supposed to do to build the kingdom here on Earth.  He has earned much respect from all walks of life and those who are famous — Larry King, Mike Wallace and others.  It comforts me to know that he is with his beloved wife, Marjorie, and his parents on the other side.  I trust that our next prophet will be as great as Gordon B. Hinckley. And I will sustain and embrace the new prophet as all the other ones.

Holly Schuetz
Oak Park, Illinois


I was ushering at the dedication of the Perth Australia Temple.  The day was finished and I was helping people move out, most had gone, just moving on the last stragglers.  I was in the foyer and felt President Hinckley walk into the room — felt because I was looking the other way, but I just knew.  I stepped back against the wall so I wouldn’t disturb him, as it had been a long day for him.  But he came up to me and shook my hand, as did Sister Hinckley.  The feelings of the spirit as I met him have been one of the highlights of my life.

Elissa East
Canberra, Australia


It’s difficult to feel sorry, knowing a chosen man stepped through the veil into the company of the greatest prophets who ever lived and was greeted by his beloved wife, family and the Lord. President Hinckley’s charm will delight us forever. 

Nancy Beck


It is difficult to imagine life without President Hinckley to guide, lead, and inspire us with his upbeat, cheerful “can-do” outlook, and his great faith and wisdom — his love for all God’s children.  He is truly one of the “noble and great ones,” and one of the greatest Americans.  We all know there is a joyous reunion on the other side about now, and although his absence saddens us, he is now with his beloved Marjorie.  What an example he has been for me, and for all people everywhere!  I thank God for lending us such a great prophet!

Marilyn Hatcher
Lewiston, Idaho 


When I heard the news I felt a rush of emotion fill my heart — surprise, sadness, and then pure joy.  I feel so much joy that our great Prophet did not have to suffer horrible health and many months or even years of debilitation.  He deserved to just pass on, easily, quickly, into the arms of his beloved Marjorie.  He served us so well and brought such joy to my life. 

Every time I heard him speak in any capacity it buoyed me up and gave me confidence.  He was a blessing to the entire world, and I believe time will prove this.  I think we will one day say how grateful we are to have lived in the days when Gordon B. Hinckley was the Lord’s Prophet on earth.   We saw miracle after miracle occur under his direction as he followed the Lord.  

I know he is happy and thrilled to be in the spirit world and I think he has many wonderful things he will continue to do there.  I love him.  I will miss him greatly.   Thank you, President Hinckley,

for all the goodness you brought to my life.  

Ruth Clark
Sandy, Utah


I was at the Stake Center about to enter my office when a ward clerk mentioned our Prophet has passed on. I first saw him in 1983 during the BYU Hawaii graduation and was impressed by his
mannerisms, knowledge, message, humility, openness, speech style and his poise. What a great example for all!

I learned to speak at Church watching his presentation on all aspects of the life. Even on Larry King, he didn’t dodge questions.  His honesty and pure grace inspired me. What a hard-working Latter-day Saint! 

I miss him; however his legacy lives in the standard he left me to follow, when he told us be of good cheer, have gratitude for life, live honestly, have a testimony, love your fellow man, don’t say unkind words, and love Christ.

Thank you, sir! I think I’ll never ever complain about anything, and many thanks for your example.

Bandula Sri Amarasekara
Colombo,Sri Lanka


As many I am sure, I have felt a great loss at not being able to hear from President Hinckley in this life again. But what joy I feel knowing where he is and with whom he is with. I truly can see the smile on President Hinckley’s face as he meets his dear wife. I can also hear Sister Hinckley smile back and say, “What took you do long?” They truly were a great example of what an eternal couple should be. I am very grateful for their example and pray I can follow it.

My condolences to the family and my thanks for sharing their father, grandfather, and great grandfather with us. I know they will be blessed for this sacrifice.

Farrell Palmer
Newport, North Carolina


Being a member for about 30 years, I have never felt closer to a Prophet than to President Hinckley.  He radiated love no matter where he went, and you could feel that love even if you saw him on the television.  He will be greatly missed, but he is now with his beloved wife and the Lord.

Dutch Girl


What an amazing example President and Sister Hinckley have left for us.

Thank you, President Hinckley.  I love you, and I’ll never forget you.

Tracy Tannen
Lake Isabella, California


President Gordon B. Hinckley has blessed my life with his loving, kind spirit, gentle humour and timely wisdom and I am grateful for his leadership in this troubled world.  Thank you, President Hinckley.
Frances A. Cashman
New South Wales, Australia


It was sad news this morning to hear about the death of our beloved President Gordon B. Hinckley.   He was supposed to be at the dedication of our new Rexburg, ID, temple this coming Sunday.  I am sure that he will be there in spirit anyway.  We will miss this dear man, this prophet and seer.  

It is comforting to know that the guiding hands of the next prophet, who will be Brother Monson, who is the senior head of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, are also so faithful and true.   May we all be found so faithful and such true servants to our fellowmen and women as this dear
prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley.

Thank you, President Hinckley, for your wit, your wisdom, and your vision of building new temples closer to all of us.  Because of this foresight, I have seen three new temples built in areas where I have lived, and have been to the dedication ceremonies of each:  Portland Oregon, Medford Oregon, and soon Rexburg Idaho.  How wonderful to know that these temples are fulfillment of past prophecies!  Glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.  We will miss you, President Hinckley.  God speed you on your new assignment.

Laquata McDonald


As I viewed Scott Proctor’s photos just minutes ago, I wept with tears of gratitude and amazement at the wonderful life of President Hinckley. Just two weeks ago I was able to view with the rest of Southern California our stake conference’s broadcast from Salt Lake City. President Hinckley stated four cornerstones of a good marriage. They are worth writing about because this is the message he left with us. Just think — if he knew he would be leaving us soon — this is his final message to us.

The four cornerstones of a good marriage: One, mutual respect — respect differences, make companionship interesting and be anxious for one’s companion. Stop looking for faults — look for virtues. Two, communicate with a soft answer. Quiet talk is the language of God. He or she who is slow to anger is better than the mighty. Three, financial honesty — bring all the tithes into the storehouse. There would be fewer bankruptcies if there was communication. Consult with one another. Four, family prayer — practice kneeling in prayer. Prayer will bring peace into life of children. Children will be blessed with security.

It was a short talk, but what he left us with will be powerful to our families if we implement them. I will remember President Hinckley was always about his Father’s Kingdom.

Kriste Bennett
Irvine, California


I will never forget going to see President Hinckley speak at Madison Square Garden.  I had moved from Allentown to the Greater Harrisburg area and was invited by friends in the Reading Stake to join them on their bus trip up to se the Prophet. As he began to speak, President  Hinckley said, I know some of you snuck in here. (He paused) You are welcome here anyway!

Kathy Blose
(now in Central Stake, Las Vegas, Nevada)


President Hinckley was an amazing man. He was 97 years young, as he always had his finger on the pulse of timely issues. He knew what the youth were facing and would surprise me with his insights and wisdom. What a huge loss his death is to us. I know he is better off, but we sadly are not.



My memory of President Hinckley that remains dear to me happened when I was a member of the choir for the Toronto Temple dedication.  At that time, President Hinckley was not our prophet; he came as a member of the First Presidency during the days of temple dedication.  It was while I was singing, in the Celestial room, that I noticed President Hinckley turn around to face the choir.  I remember “locking eyes” with the most crystal blue eyes I had ever felt pierce my soul.  It was I who broke the gaze as I was awed by the goodness and love that moment held.  He has held a special place in my heart since and every time I have had opportunity to sing “On This Day of Joy and Gladness,” my heart smiles.

Jennifer Stewart
Guelph, Ontario, Canada