SAN DIEGO, California — The Riley family, of Brentwood Street in Lake Arrowhead, California, is one among many families who lost their homes to the ravages of recent wildfires. Brentwood was described as a local street that “lost the battle of the blaze,” and now the Rileys and other people in the community are returning to inspect their losses.

To help them during the inspection, residents were provided a “Five Pack,” a handy combination of useful items for up to five individuals. The packs, prepared by members of the San Bernardino stake Relief Society, included lip balm, tissues, eye drops, trash bags, dust masks, baby wipes, granola bars and other items useful to the fire victims in sorting through the debris.

According to local resident Charlene Bradley, “The packs were intended for the evacuees when they return to clean up what may be left of their homes.”

The Riley family distributed 90 packs to their neighbors on Brentwood Street.

Michelle Noel, stake Relief Society president, credited the combined relief efforts of both men and women in the extended San Bernardino area. “It has been a joint effort,” Noel reported. “We will continue to help the victims of the tragic fires.”

To date, the Church has delivered five truckloads of supplies to evacuees in the San Diego area. Blankets and hygiene kits were given to evacuees in the Lake Arrowhead/Running Springs area. Some 13 chapels have been used as temporary shelters over the past two weeks.

Nine semi-trucks filled with 16,000 cleaning kits were sent from Salt Lake City to Southern California. Welfare Services Emergency Response of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is coordinating with local government agencies and other community service organizations to provide emergency relief to victims.

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