With fires raging in southern California, the Church has reported as of Tuesday afternoon:

  • All missionaries are safe.
  • Hundreds of members have opened their homes to give refuge to evacuee families.
  • Twelve meetinghouses are being used as temporary shelters. In several locations, occupants have been moved from one meetinghouse to another as mandatory evacuation areas have expanded.
  • Representatives from LDS Family Services are working with local priesthood leaders to provide counseling.

Church Property

Two smaller buildings at the Church’s Camp Hinckley recreation site near Lake Arrowhead have been destroyed.

Church Response

  • Four truckloads of relief supplies, including food, water, blankets, cots, and hygiene kits have been provided to evacuees at Qualcomm Stadium, the Del Mar Fairgrounds, and other evacuee shelters.
  • Priesthood leaders are working with local officials to provide requested supplies and coordinate volunteers.
  • Relief supplies are being provided from local bishops’ storehouses.
  • Full-time missionaries are providing assistance at several evacuee locations.