SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum (BMAF) will hold its fifth annual Book of Mormon Lands Conference on Saturday, October 20. The conference is being held at the Red Lion Hotel located at 161 West 600 South, Salt Lake City, Utah. Registration begins at 8:30 AM.

This annual event invites recognized LDS scholars and archaeologists to present their research and insights on various Book of Mormon Lands topics to members of the Church and the general public and concludes with a very popular roundtable discussion, answering questions gathered from the audience.

Featured speakers & topics will include:

  • John W. (Jack) Welch of BYU and founding member of FARMS will be the keynote speaker. His presentation is titled: “Chiasmus, 40 years later.”
  • Elder Ted E. Brewerton, General Authority Emeritus and ancient document scholar, will speak on “Ancient Documents and the Book of Mormon”
  • John Bytheway, popular LDS speaker, will make a special presentation titled “Spiritual lessons from the War chapters of the Book of Mormon” during the luncheon.

Other popular speakers will include:

  • John Lund: “Journey of Lehi in the Promised Land”
  • Michael Ash: “Horses in the Book of Mormon”
  • Ric Hauck: “Chronology and Geography of Moroni’s War”
  • Brant Gardner: “DNA and the Book of Mormon”

The conference will also include the BMAF bookstore and the very popular silent auction, as well as a presentation and dinner that evening to honor Elder Robert E. Wells as this year’s recipient of the “Father Lehi Award.” This award is presented annually by the BMAF to a deserving individual who has devoted outstanding efforts to serving the peoples of Mesoamerica through research, education, humanitarian efforts or Church service.

More information and pre-conference registration can be found on the BMAF website: or by calling BMAF Executive Director Doug Christensen at 801/414-5150 or 208/736-3779.