SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — City Creek Center representatives have met with the Utah Air Quality Board to set a tentative date for implosion of the office tower at 50 South Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City. The office building is the last remaining structure slated for demolition on the Crossroads Plaza block.

Worker safety combined with cost and time savings make implosion the preferred method of demolition. Implosion also limits public inconvenience to one day as opposed to four or five months.

City Creek Center’s variance request submitted to the Utah Division of Air Quality explains how the implosion will be safely managed and potential affects mitigated. Pre-implosion public outreach will ensure that area businesses, institutions, local media and residents are informed and prepared for the demolition.

The variance request lists August 18th as a tentative implosion date, but City Creek officials emphasized that site preparation and weather conditions could readily require a change to a later date.

The building at 50 South Main houses corporate offices for Key Bank and other office tenants. Key Bank corporate offices are being relocated to 36 South State Street.

City Creek Center is a mixed-use, sustainably-designed urban community of residences, offices and retail stores in downtown Salt Lake City.