Evangelical Christians are distributing a new anti-Mormon DVD to thousands of homes across the United States. The video asks viewers to compare Joseph Smith with Jesus Christ and Christianity with Mormonism. The video has excellent production values but, unfortunately, its contents are not of a similar quality.

Scott Gordon, president of The Foundation for Apologetic Information & Research (FAIR), has announced that the contents of the DVD are not what they appear.

“Though it purports to be an objective Christian evaluation of the teachings, history, and beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” he wrote, the DVD “contains much that is inaccurate and very little that is balanced. Rather than focus on what they believe, the video’s producers have taken it upon themselves to describe and interpret LDS beliefs and teachings, often in ways that would be objectionable or unrecognizable to Latter-day Saints.

“Although they profess love in the DVD, the letter that accompanied pre-release copies of the video, given to select non-Mormons, speaks volumes. It says, in part:

CAUTION: This video is to be viewed by CHRISTIANS ONLY until AFTER the nation-wide distribution which is scheduled for March 25, 2007. In-other-words, do not allow any Mormon people to view the video or learn of our intended evangelistic outreach until after March 25, 2007.

Why such extreme caution? If the leadership of the Mormon cult learns of our plans, they will publicly instruct their people not to watch the video and many Mormons will blindly obey.

“This DVD contains many of the same anti-Mormon claims that misguided critics have been repeating for years. The issues raised have been repeatedly addressed by faithful Latter-day Saints, but the video does not address or take those responses into account.

“Though the critics have tried to keep the production and distribution of this video a secret, FAIR was able to obtain a copy about a week before the release date. FAIR volunteers watched the DVD and have prepared a point-by-point response to the claims it makes. The response can be read by clicking here.”

Gordon says that this page is a work in progress, and that refinements to these responses will continue to be made.

He wrote, “In one way, we are grateful to the producers of the DVD as it has motivated us to address, yet again, the oft-repeated criticisms from this small but vocal countercult group. Our response to the DVD
provides an easy reference guide for Latter-day Saints and other interested parties who wish to investigate the DVD’s claims.”

To view the responses to this DVD, and to see the work of FAIR volunteers on this project, go to this URL: http://www.JosephSmithDVD.org. Feel free to forward this special FAIR Journal on to other individuals, mailing lists, Blogs, or message boards.