Most writing markets have writing guides that assist authors, writers, artists, and musicians in their efforts to contact the many organizations that can assist them with the development and publication of their projects, and help them further their chosen careers. A guide of this type has been lacking in the LDS market, which has seen considerable growth in the past ten years.

The 2007 LDS Writer’s Market Guide by WindRiver Publishing (due out this summer) will fulfill this need by connecting writers with publishers, professional services, and much more. The guide will contain contact and descriptive information about the following:

  • Publishers and imprints
  • Magazines and newspapers: print and online
  • Distributors
  • Book reviewers
  • Literary agents
  • Professional organizations and associations
  • Literary contests
  • Writer’s resources: including editors, proofers, illustrators, etc.

The 2007 LDS Writer’s Market Guide will also have articles describing the LDS writing market, how to prepare proposals for submission, resources to help writers develop their careers, and the elements of good writing style. Sections of the guide will identify free online resources and organizations that can help writers further their career including bookstore contact lists that identify stores willing to host author events. The online version of the guide will include author and writer biographies, speaking and signing schedules, and more.

“One of the challenges facing writers and authors in the LDS market is finding the many opportunities that are available,” explains JB Howick, President of WindRiver Publishing. “Although some information is scattered throughout the World Wide Web, it is often incomplete or obsolete. Our own research has uncovered an amazing number of companies and resources that could benefit LDS writers. We believe it is time to bring all these opportunities and the writers together.”

WindRiver Publishing invites everyone interested in a free listing in the 2007 LDS Writer’s Market Guide to complete the online questionnaire located at; or contact WindRiver Publishing at 72 N. WindRiver Road, Silverton, ID 83867-0446, phone 208/752-1836.