Editors’ Note:  With your help in sending in the names of these wonderful youth in the last two days, we have placed a number of captions on the pictures below.  Please help us fill in all the rest of the blanks.  You wouldn’t want one youth to be left out, would you?   If you can help us identify any of the youth below (who have not been identified) please click here.

We’ve received a mound of mail concerning the Sacramento Temple youth celebration and dedication this past week. It has been gratifying and just plain fun. We’ve had piles of letters wondering if we took a picture of someone’s daughter who danced in this or that part of the celebration, or if we have a shot of someone’s son who performed during this or that part of the evening’s show. It seems like everyone in the Sacramento Temple District truly dedicated themselves to bring forth this amazing and wonderful production.

I’m going to do something we’ve never done before on Meridian — I’m going to publish a quasi-photo essay of the Sacramento Temple Youth Celebration and then ask you to caption the pictures for us! That’s right. I want you to do two favors for us:

The first one is this: if you recognize someone in any of the pictures below (we will label them with numbers), will you write to us via e-mail (you can see the feedback link over there on the right and about the middle and at the end) and tell us who that person is (or who those people are)? Be sure to tell us which picture you are talking about. Use the common left to right approach that all captions utilize, so, for example if you know all three people in a picture, just say: Photo #7 left to right (l-r is fine): Sally Thompson, James Gartner and Bill Johnson. Tell us where they’re from if you know (the Sacramento California East Stake or the Antelope California Stake of the Citrus Heights Stake, etc.). That’s the first thing I want you to do.

The second thing I want you to do is this: Make sure, through your many networks and friends, that you let that person, or those people know that they are there on Meridian and send them the link or tell them about it! If you look over to the left side there (you may have to scroll down a little bit — you may also see it on the right side) you’ll see a small little box that says: Share the article on this page with a friend. Click here. You will see that this is an easy way to share with up to five friends. You can copy and past the URL (the web address) of this article if you so prefer.

I’ll be straightforward with you: This is called “word-of-mouth” or “grapevine” marketing. It spreads the word about Meridian Magazine and it lets people see themselves recorded from this magnificent event. It’s a win-win situation.

Notice that I called this “Outtakes One.” Based on your response, I will do Outtakes Two and Three and even Four if I need to and publish other pictures of you amazing Latter-day Saints as you attended the Temple Dedication on September 3. After you have captioned those pictures — then we will re-publish the pieces in a week or ten days with the names in the captions (depending on how you respond!). Is that a deal?

I shot 2,364 images in four days and I want to share many of them with you — but you have to participate or we will just have to go on to publishing other things. Will you help us? I will publish them in groups of 10 pictures (for download time).

Okay, let’s have some fun (by the way, if you want to add a very brief caption, besides just the names, to the picture because of your intimate knowledge of that scene or those kids, please feel free and we will consider publishing the entire caption). Oh, and no fair if someone like Janine Nelson, Scott Eckern, Kieth Merrill or Paul Allen just jump in and start filling in the blanks.


Catherine and Beth Castillo (sisters) of the Ashton Park Ward, Sacramento East Stake. Both were “Brooklyn Saints” in the production.


Jenna Borchardt, age 15, Hagan Park Ward, Sacramento Cordova Stake.


This is the last remaining person is Part One to identify. Can anyone help us? Surely someone knows who she is. Who will help us?


Boy on left is Kyle Wagner of the Chico Stake. Girl in center of boys is Marissa Larsen, Chico 5th Ward, Chico Stake. Young man on the right in the green vest is Taylor Wasden from the Chico 3rd Ward, Chico Stake (a number of people wrote in to identify Taylor)


From a Meridian reader: “The woman standing with her hand in the air is my Mom, Kathie Turner, of the Chico Stake.”


Young woman dancing in Karly Manwill, Chico Stake, Paradise 1st ward. Young woman clapping is Analisa Davenport, Chico Stake, Paradise 1st ward. The young woman to the left of Analisa is Paige Hughes, Paradise 1st ward.


“Nick” was played by Erik Eckern and “Sarah” was played by Kaitlin Hancock.


Boy on the immediate front left is Russell Westrup, Sacramento North Stake. The one young man whose face you can actually see in the circle is Clayton Allen, singer, dancer, ‘class clown,’ and son of musical director, Paul Allen. He is from the Sacramento Cordova Stake. To his left (our right) was character “Azariah” played by Spencer Borup. Redheaded boy with back to us is Chris Harris, Rosemont Ward, Sacramento Cordova Stake. From one Meridian reader: “The blond haired boy in the circle is my son, Cory Hinds, from the Hagan Park Ward and the boy between Cory and Clayton Allen (barely visible) is Austin Hodnett from the Hagan Park Ward.”


(l-r of boys we can see clearly): Javier Schmidt, Joseph Horst, James Tracy, Hunter Gould all of the Carmichael Stake.


(l-r) Emily Child, 14, Sun River Ward; Adrianna Teerlink, 15, Sun River Ward; Shelby Turley (made age requirement for production by one day), Sun River Ward; (behind Shelby) Rachel Poore, 12, Sun River Ward; Kirstin Hamaker, 17, Camellia City Ward. All are from the Sacramento Cordova Stake. Girl in background wearing a light green dress trimmed with white lace and dark green around the lace is Jamie Bowles, Hagan Park Ward, Sacramento Cordova Stake (behind the boy in the dark shirt).

Stay with me here. You’ve done really well captioning these pictures so far.  Can you help me on parts 2, 3 and 4?