COLORADO – More than 4,000 Mormon volunteers contributed to Colorado Cares Day last week, commemorating the statehood of Colorado by being involved in community service projects.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worked alongside people of other faiths to:

    * Help build houses for Habitat for Humanity.
    * Assist with conservation efforts by repairing trails and clearing properties.
    * Assemble care kits for homeless shelters and living centers. One group assembled 600 personal hygiene kits and donated them to a family health center.
    * Paint homes.
    * Gather food for food banks. In one area, Church members worked with two Catholic congregations to collect 18,000 pounds of food and supplies for a Highlands Ranch food bank.

“This has become a tradition during the past eight years,” said Ilene Dibble, a Church spokeswoman. “Youth and adults plan projects in the summer to benefit Colorado communities.”

Service to others has always been a tenet of the faith and a reflection of a Christ-centered life.