PROVO, Utah — BYU Television, which traditionally offers a host of Do-It-Yourself programming to make “doing-it-all” and “doing-it-right” a positive experience, has added to its DIY lineup with a 16-episode series on gardening.

“HomeGrown,” which will air on Saturdays with BYU-TV’s other DIY programming — as well as at other times during the week — will be packed with intriguing insights to bring new life (or rebirth) to your own homegrown garden, wherever you live.

No matter how brown your thumb is today, it is entirely possible that there’s the insights provided by “HomeGrown” can unlock the Farmer Brown inside you. You, too, may be able to cultivate marigolds that are the pride of the block — or join the ranks of the happy people who can share their home-grown tomatoes or zucchini with neighbors near and far.

With more than a year in research and production, the BYUTV team has dug in deep to bring you fresh dirt — all the right knowledge to get you gritty with your plants. This unique program was produced in Guatemala , Paris , Peru , England and the United States , emphasizing that this show has been crafted for a wide and diverse audience.

“We want to encourage viewers to garden and experience the satisfaction of growing their favorite vegetables and fruits, and eating them fresh,” explains student producer Miriam Casos . “Through this series, viewers will be able to choose which gardening method is most suitable for them. They will learn tips on how to grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Gardening is for everyone.”

Miriam Casos is one of four student producers that contributed to the HomeGrown series. Kendall Wilcox, who also produced “Road to Zion ” and “Living Essentials,” supervised the production.

Tune into “HomeGrown” on BYUTV, Thursdays at 9am and Saturdays at 3pm starting March 2. The show will also air Wednesdays at 5pm starting March 8. For information on BYUTV availability in your area, visit Check out for more information on the HomeGrown series.