SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Church members who think they may have seen a familiar face among the sea of singers in a broadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir now have a better way of satisfying their curiosity.

Although the Tabernacle Choir website has long had a roster where people can click to read the names of anyone who has ever served in the choir or in the Orchestra at Temple Square, there is now a feature allowing searchers to determine when each member of the choir or orchestra served. 

Thus, a visit to the roster can allow visitors to search by name for a particular choir member — and can further narrow down the search by letting the visitor know whether the person in question is serving currently, served until last year, or served in pioneer times.  Whether you’re looking for a famous singer like Jessie Evans Smith or you’re just interested in whether Aunt Millie was ever a choir member, the information is there.