Register now for the Third Annual Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum Fall Conference Sept. 29-30 at the Red Lion Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City.

The distinguished panel of speakers at the conference this year includes:

John Lund, curriculum writer and researcher for several LDS institute manuals; has led tours to Mesoamerica for the past 25 years.  He has served as a director and as an area authority of the Church Educational System.  He is the author of seven books and has published articles in the Ensign and the New Era.

Garth Norman, president of the Ancient America Foundation, an archaeological organization that focuses its work on Book of Mormon lands; He is the world’s leading authority on the Izapa structure, including Stela 5 monument at Izapa, Mexico,  believed by some to be a representation of Lehi’s Dream in the Book of Mormon.

Bruce Yerman has been an international educator for 12 years and is currently working with primary and high schools in Kiribati, Fiji, Mexico, New Zealand, Tonga and Samoa.  He has also served as a guide on Mesoamerica and Book of Mormon tours.  Bro. Yerman will speak on the connection between the story of Ammon in the Book of Mormon and the Mesoamerican custom of smiting off arms.

Diane Wirth, author of Parallels: Mesoamerican and ancient Middle Eastern Traditions; traveled with the late Maya scholar Linda Schele.

Elder Ted E. Brewerton, General Authority Emeritus of the LDS Church who served as a mission president and Area Authority in Mexico and Central America.  He currently chairs the committee that is preparing the Spanish edition of the Bible for the LDS Church.

Neil Steede, an archaeologist who worked for 17 years on archaeological sites in Mexico under contract by the Mexican government.  He has also done studies at sites throughout the world, including LDS historical sites in North America such as the Hill Cumorah near Palmyra, New York; the Kirtland Temple in Ohio, Adam-on-di-Ahman in Missouri, and others.

George Potter, producer of 11 films on his Book of Mormon and Biblical discoveries in Arabia and author of three books on these subjects.  Bro. Potter has lived in Saudi Arabia for many years and he has spent most of his free time studying Lehi’s trail in the desert in an “up close and personal” mode.  His work has also been published in the Ensign Magazine.

Alan Miner, author of “Why Mesoamerica Fits Book of Mormon Geography”  and Jack Marshall will also be sharing their insightful studies of the Book of Mormon.  Bro. Marshall has been a religious educator all of his professional career.  He has directed tours to Israel, the Book of Mormon Lands, Russia, church history, and American history sites.

The Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, is an open forum for presentation, dissemination and discussion of evidences and research regarding Book of Mormon geography and culture within a Mesoamerican context.  Their organization’s goal is to increase the overall understanding of the messages of the Book of Mormon and also to provide service, educational and employment opportunities to the peoples of Mesoamerica.

Cost for full registration at the conference, including meals, is $79.99 for an individual and $149.99 for couples.  More information about the conference and registration is available at