The Dallas Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints won the best float award in the religious category and also the Mayors choice award for best overall float in the City of Dallas Annual Christmas Parade.

The entry was a 16-foot long replica of the Salt lake temple that towered 17 feet above the 14000 people that lined the city streets. The float also towed behind them the Mormon Tabernacle Choir complete with a replica of the tabernacle pipe organ. The organ stood 9 feet tall and was almost blinding as the sun reflected off the golden pipes. The choir was made up of members from the ward dressed in red silky choir gowns.

Missionaries from around the area handed out pass along cards to people ahead of the float that had the picture of the Salt Lake temple on it then they were given a Joy to the World DVD or video which has the picture of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and pipe organ on it. Plenty of ooh’s and ah’s were heard as both the temple and choir rolled on by.

The parade had well over 200 entrants this year with around 5000 people participating in the parade itself and another 13-15000 watching along the parade route.

The City parade is the biggest event of the year for many of it’s residents and we definitely left long lasting impressions and a buzz in the community that will have them talking for years to come.