SALT LAKE CITY — A special youth devotional on For the Strength of Youth, featuring Young Men general president Charles W. Dahlquist II and the a capella group Eclipse will be held on Wednesday, 12 May 2004, at 7:30 p.m. in the Tabernacle on Temple Square. Tickets are required and can be obtained free of charge from the Conference Center ticket office at 801-240-0080.

President Dahlquist is a noted leader in civic and community organizations. Prior to his recent call to the general presidency of the Young Men, he served the Church as a mission president, stake president and ward Young Men president.

Eclipse, a popular youth group consisting of six returned missionaries from northern Utah, will perform several selections to accompany President Dahlquist’s remarks. Eclipse released their third album in 2003 and recently was named the “Group Recording Artist of the Year” in the Faith Centered Music Association’s Pearl Awards.

This devotional will be similar to an earlier presentation to youth made by Sister Elaine Dalton of the Young Women general presidency and renowned Brazilian singer Liriel Domiciano on 14 April 2004. Over 6,000 youth and adults attended the devotional, filling the Tabernacle and overflow in the Assembly Hall to capacity. Several hundred more, unable to be seated in either building, listened to parts of the devotional on the grounds of Temple Square. Sister Dalton spoke to youth about the power of living the standards of the Church and told about Liriel’s experiences as a rising national star in Brazil.

Additional upcoming devotionals will be held on 8 June, 14 July, 10 August and 1 September 2004. Each devotional will last approximately one hour, making them ideal for Young Men, Young Women or Mutual activities, and will feature a prominent speaker selected from the General Authorities or general officers of the Church, accompanied by youth-oriented Latter-day Saint musicians. Tickets are required for all devotionals and can be obtained free of charge from the Conference Center ticket office at 801-240-0080 or online at