Boy Scouts from Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming will hold their annual convention for Scouting’s national honor society. Scouts from your local area are involved, and we can help you interview them to localize your story.

 Arrowmen Invade Ogden High School BSA Honor Society to Hold Annual ‘Conclave’

OGDEN, Utah – Hundreds of teenage boys who are members of the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s national honor society, will begin their annual Conclave this Friday at Ogden High School. Participants come from all over Utah, southern Idaho, and south western Wyoming.

The event features instruction, spiritual uplift, and “plenty of fun,” according to Michael Kirby, 20, W5D Section Chief and organizer of the event. The entire event is organized and run by Kirby and a committee of youth members, known as Arrowmen.

 The Arrowmen will literally take over Ogden H.S. from Friday through Sunday (Apr. 23-25). Classrooms will be used for instruction in various popular Scouting activities, leadership training, and other programs to help the youth and adult leaders improve their skills with over 85 classes.

Other events include games, competitions, patch trading, and a show. Some of the most popular activities include a climbing wall, a super soaker battle on the football field, and a Native American pow wow or dance competition. Order of the Arrow members learn cheerful service and brotherhood from the teachings and traditions of Native Americans. Church services for many denominations will be provided on Sunday, followed by closing ceremonies.

Many Arrowmen actually spend the entire weekend in the school without leaving. There are video movies, chess tournaments, and other activities throughout the night. Others camp outside in tents and travel trailers, or just use a sleeping bag on the floor of the school gym. All meals are provided in the school cafeteria.

 “Fewer boys are elected to the Order of the Arrow than qualify for Eagle Scout. Membership truly is an honor, and our members represent the best of the best in Scouting,” explained Kirby, who is serving his second term as Section Chief after being re-elected by the youth members.

The Boy Scouts of America sponsor Order of the Arrow lodges in each council throughout the United States. The country is broken up into Sections of several lodges. Section W5D is made up of OA members from the Great Salt Lake Council (Salt Lake area), Utah National Parks Council (southern Utah), Trapper Trails Council (northern Utah and part of Wyoming), and Grand Teton Council (southern Idaho).

Michael Kirby, (801) 597-6694 (youth leader)
Jeff Augason, (801) 403-7038 (adult advisor)
David Bresnahan, (801) 562-5362

Interviews with Youth from Your Area

Localize your story with interviews and photos of participants from your area. Let us know your needs and we will help you get a good story. We can provide boys you can interview in person or by phone. If you are unable to attend we have staff members who will take digital photos and e-mail them to you to illustrate your story.