KSL-TV, Utah’s largest station owned by the Mormon Church, is refusing to air the new fall show “Coupling.”  One other station owned by the University of Notre Dame, has also refused to air the show due to its raunchy content. 

KSL executives say they didn’t make their decision lightly and ultimately rejected the show due to the high number of complaints by local viewers.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports Russ Crabb, KSL’s manager of programming and operations states, “We weighed this one very closely. There is an importance that is put on prime-time programming. This one was talked about and considered at length. We just take everything on a case-by-case basis and reviewed this with other things we aired and felt this was a little over the top.”

The Tribune also reports Jim Behling, president and general manager for WNDU, at Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind. saying, “We strongly feel that the premiere episode, which was made available for affiliates to preview, is little more than a succession of crude sex jokes, which, when taken in total, simply push the envelope well beyond the boundaries of our community’s standards,” said

KSL is currently keeping track of the number of callers who call in to tell them THANK-YOU for choosing NOT to air such a filthy show. The number to call is (801)-575-5555.