PROVO, Utah – Stories are needed to bring to life a permanent, multi- media exhibit, Education in Zion, to be housed in a gallery in the new Joseph F. Smith building now under construction on the Brigham Young University campus, in Provo, Utah.

Terry Warner, exhibit coordinator, says this is the first time that stories about the educational heritage of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will have been archived and exhibited on a large scale.

“This project is a thrilling endeavor for everyone participating,” says Warner. “It is a chance for people everywhere to share the inspiring stories of family, friends and neighbors whose conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ motivated them to seek learning, and in so doing, make a difference in the lives of others.”                       

Members of all faiths are encouraged to submit stories, which are urgently needed to allow time to gather quotes, artifacts, photos and create documentary films.                                                               

Submitted stories are needed to be true and accurate.
They will range in topic from the unschooled Heber Valley farmer who educated himself by borrowing books to read after his day’s work, to the Tahitian sister who rises at 4 a.m. to walk down the mountain from her rain forest home each day to teach seminary.                  

“The best submissions are stories that are conversational, and have a beginning point and an end result,” says Warner, who says the exhibit will eventually be available online for people to access across the globe.

Ideas for stories include, but are not limited to the following categories that will be specific sections in the exhibit: traditions of faith and learning, foundations of education in the restored gospel, early schools in Zion, education in the family and extending learning to all the world, (including distance learning, Church Education System, and the Perpetual Education Fund.)         

“We know the stories are out there. This is our chance to collect them and use them to inspire us and generations to come to seek learning in the light,” says Warner.

In addition to submitting stories, there are a number of volunteer opportunities, including interviewing, researching, writing, fund raising and exhibit design.

“We need more volunteers with time to contribute,” says Warner. “While some prior experience can be helpful, we can provide specific training to anyone who is interested in volunteering.”

Read Sample Stories Here


To submit stories write to the Education in Zion project at Brigham Young University

S205A B77 Provo, Utah 84602-0100, fax 801-422-0110 or e-mail To volunteer and learn more about the project visit or call 801-422-1986.