Reg Wilkins’ photographic work is renowned worldwide. A new exhibition is currently being held In London’s Upper Gallery of the Association of Photographers, May 5th to May 17th.


‘Fish and Chip Shop, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, December 1974’ © Reg Wilkins

Reg Wilkins’ story appeared in Meridian last year on two occasions. The article, “New Exhibition For Award Winning English LDS Photographer” can be found at

and Reg’s conversion story is at

A member of the AOP (Association of Photographers) for twenty-two years, Reg Wilkins continues to be a practicing photographer. This current solo exhibition features a selection of his wonderfully evocative documentary shots of British culture in the 1960’s to 70’s”.

The original AOP Gallery was opened in February 1986 at the old headquarters in London’s Domingo Street. It now occupies the ground floor and basement of their new premises in Shoreditch, London, England, and has a reputation as one of the most attractive photographic exhibition venues in London.

‘Twin Towers, New York, New York, USA, May 1998’ © Reg Wilkins

The Gallery is a barometer of the changing styles and trends in photography and acts as a forum for the exchange of ideas. It is a frontrunner in the celebration of photography and its promotion as an art form, and plays a vitally important educational and social role.

For Reg Wilkins’ work to be exhibited in this prestigious gallery is an honor both to himself as an artist, and to the LDS church as a whole.

‘Barbers Shop, Leeds, Yorkshire, England, April 1974’ © Reg Wilkins

‘Promenaders, Margate, Kent, England, 1969’ © Reg Wilkins

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By LDS author, Anne Bradshaw