SACRAMENTO, CA – The Sacramento California Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, announced by Church President Gordon B. Hinckley in April of this year, will will be built adjacent to the faith’s existing meetinghouse at 2100 California Circle in Rancho Cordova. The site was announced over the weekend by local Church leaders to the more than 73,000 Church members who will use the temple.

The fast-growing faith currently has four operating temples in California; in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, and Fresno. The Sacramento building is one of three new California temples announced this year. Once the three buildings are completed, California will have seven Latter-day Saint temples, more than in any other state except Utah. The other two recently announced temples will be built near Newport Beach and in Redlands.

Before dedication, the public will be able to tour the new temple, according to President Richard M. Alexander, leader of the Sacramento East Stake of the Church. Following the open house, the temple will be formally dedicated for use by members of the Church.

Latter-day Saint temples differ from the faith’s meetinghouses, of which there are thousands, in both design and function. The meetinghouses are where members typically meet for Sunday worship services and mid-week social activities. A temple is considered a “House of the Lord,” where Christ’s teachings are reaffirmed through marriage, baptism, and other sacred ordinances that unite families for eternity.

Over 11 million people belong to the worldwide Church in 162 countries and territories. Church members first arrived in California in the 1840s. Today, Church membership has grown to about 2.2 percent of the state’s population with more than 748,000 members.

Currently, the Church has 107 operating temples in 39 nations.