SALT LAKE CITY – The days of waiting at the Conference Center ticket office or on the telephone for tickets to concerts and other events will soon be gone. People who want information about all events on Temple Square can find it at under “Events” in the right column. The new section of the Church’s Web site offers event information, and as of today, Internet users are able to get tickets online.

The events section of the Church’s site is a central location to get information about all Temple Square-related events, included those in the Conference Center, Conference Center Theater, Tabernacle and Assembly Hall. Tickets for events will be available online as the event dates approach. One exception is Church conferences, for which tickets will continue to be distributed through local Church leaders.

The events page also includes information about parking. Instructions include street and highway maps leading to Temple Square, as well as locations of parking facilities.

For some events, Internet users will be able to select seats in a general section of the facility. Interior maps of each facility are displayed to show seating sections.

Patrons will be allowed to request a limited number of tickets online. For free events, people requesting tickets will receive a maximum of two to four tickets, depending on the facility and the nature of the event. For paid events, ticket buyers may purchase from two to ten tickets, depending on the event.

For free events, when reserved tickets are exhausted, online ticketing will allow users to request standby tickets. As with present practices, holders of standby tickets to free events will be seated in any empty seat approximately 30 minutes prior to the starting time of the event. People who request tickets online should read the “special considerations” relating to the event. Photo equipment, tape recorders, large bags and other items are usually disallowed. Some events are limited to persons eight years of age and older.

While people interested in Church events are encouraged to get information and tickets via the Internet, information about events and tickets is also available by calling 801-240-0080 or at the Conference Center ticket office.

E-mail users can receive information about major Temple Square-related events by registering online. From, click on “Receive News by Email” in the right column. Those registered will receive news about the Church and major event information via e-mail.