The Mormon Tabernacle Choir nearly filled its 360-seat charter jet this morning as its members boarded to fly to Washington, D.C. The choir is invited to sing in the presidential inauguration parade this Saturday. This is the sixth inauguration invitation the Tabernacle Choir has received.

The group, called “America’s Choir” by former President Ronald Reagan, will also provide two public concerts and record its weekly nationwide broadcast of “Music and the Spoken Word” while in the Washington area.
“I think all of the bases are covered. Everything looks great,” commented choir president Mac Christensen at Salt Lake City International Airport early this morning. “We have great accommodations, great buses, and a wonderful location. I think we’re right in the middle of the parade.”

When asked what impresses him about participating in the inauguration events, choir member Steve Carter said, “I think it’s singing for the nation and hopefully putting the spirit back into the politics we have.”
Because all the free tickets for its two Washington, D.C. concerts are taken, the choir will allow the public to attend its dress rehearsal at 7:00 tonight at George Mason University.

Radio sound bites with the choir president and members are available at in the News Releases section.