Stop the Porn Industry’s Expansion on the Web
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Stop the porn industry from expanding on the Internet.  The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is considering opening a XXX domain especially for pornography. Some think that it will clean up the .com domain where thousands of porn sites are located.  But it will NOT require pornographers who are on the .com domain to relocate to the .XXX domain.

Instead, they will keep their current .com porn sites and EXPAND their empires to the .XXX domain. Selling hard core pornography on the Internet is a violation of federal obscenity law no matter where they locate.  A relatively small number of U.S. pornographers own the vast majority of Web sites selling illegal material.  We should support Attorney General Gonzales renewed effort to prosecute them rather than reward them with even more space on the Internet.

ICANN is scheduled to make a FINAL decision  on whether to establish the tipple x domain on September 15.  Last week an ICANN person said they are getting lots of email but few letters.   Letters will actually be shown to the ICANN board members who will vote (and I presume emails will be tallied).

Therefore we need MORE letters to ICANN right now.  Can you notify all groups on your email list as well as individuals?  This is a very winnable fight!