Urgent Action Alert!

Help Defend Family,
Marriage and the Unborn at the UN

A Message from United Families

Please help to protect family, marriage, and the unborn by emailing key UN ambassadors to encourage them to support an important provision currently under negotiation at the UN.

UN Ambassadors need to hear from people everywhere that the world does not want the UN to become embroiled in unproductive controversial negotiations over homosexual and abortion rights at the upcoming conference on women.

Through the United Families website you can easily send a pre-written email to 129 key UN ambassadors with only a single mouse click. These ambassadors have either supported pro-family provisions in the past or have not yet declared a position on these issues. Just click here to make a critical difference in this battle.

Here’s the background. Beginning February 28th and ending March 12th, the UN will be negotiating a document at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) that will build on two prior women’s rights documents. The negotiations on these two landmark women’s documents–one ten years ago and one five years ago–became fierce battlegrounds over homosexual and abortion rights.

After intense late-night battles, United Families helped defeat their worst proposals five and ten years ago, but if we do not stop them now, our past pro-family victories will have been for naught.

The anti-family forces working to influence the CSW did not think we would catch them this past week trying to force the conclusion of negotiations behind the scenes before the official conference even began. But we did. And now we have to stop their current attempts to force their anti-family, anti-child agenda on the world.

Fortunately, at this past week’s preliminary negotiations, the U.S. delegation presented a strong proposal (also supported by the Vatican) that would prevent the UN from using these past women’s documents and the current one under negotiation to create new international rights harmful to families.

Now the real battle begins with abortion rights at the forefront and we predict that the same battle over homosexual rights will emerge if the U.S. lead proposal is not adopted.

We will not give up our efforts to stop these attacks on children and the family.

But we need your help.

A number of UN member countries have not yet shown support for the proposed provision that will protect children and families. Many of these countries are the same ones that fought these sexual orientation and abortion provisions five and ten years ago. They now need a wake up call.

Concerned individuals around the world can help give them that wake up call!

What happens at the UN can have a direct and negative impact on our efforts to protect marriage, the family and children in our own countries! This is because the documents and agreements reached at these conferences become part of international law, norms and standards that shape and influence national laws and policies worldwide.

The anti-family, anti-children forces understand this, which is why they are constantly working to slip things into these international documents and agreements that will help achieve their goals at the national level. They count on the fact that most people who are dedicated to defending marriage, the family and children in their own countries do not understand the power of international consensus documents.