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Write President Bush Now about New FCC Appointments

From the Family Research Council:

All the buzz after last year’s Super Bowl was about Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction.” What a difference a year makes! What a difference YOU make. Today much of the buzz is about how clean last night’s big event was–how advertisers and Fox got the message. What we saw was a family-friendly, patriotic event. After last year’s event, tens of thousands of people complained to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the agency that enforces federal indecency law against radio and television stations. That made a huge difference. But more than that, pro-family Americans, particularly FRC’s supporters, have remained vigilant since then.

Complaints continue to flow in overwhelming numbers to the FCC on other indecent programming. The FCC has responded with record fines against shock jocks and Hollywood elites who have dragged down TV and radio standards. Things are far from perfect, though, because enforcement of indecency law by the FCC has been uneven, at best. Now President Bush will have a chance to make changes. Two of the five FCC commissioners are leaving, including the chairman. The replacements will have a monumental impact on the character of television and the broader culture of our country. A decision may come as early as this week. Please let your voice be heard by sending a short message to the President asking that he appoint a chairman who will make indecency enforcement a priority.