Hackers Hit Websites Encouraging Uplifting Movies

Editor’s Note: We include this story because many of you went to these websites and found them unavailable after we ran a story about the CAMIE awards yesterday. Here is the explanation.

Two websites, www.camieawards.org and www.moviepicks.org.  helping families find wholesome movies are down again Monday morning after being viciously attacked by hackers twice over the weekend. The attacks happened only a few days before CAMIE awards are to be held in Hollywood to recognize six wholesome movies without sex or gratuitous violence. For much of the weekend, and again on Monday the hacking obliterated the story about the upcoming CAMIE awards for character and morality. Access is also blocked to the moviepicks.org bulletin board that tells about the decent movies playing in theaters, coming on television, and a database of uplifting movies families can enjoy at home without embarrassment.

Although right now the hackers’ images are not on the sites, over the weekend instead of news about the CAMIES and uplifting movies coming into view, the hackers planted grotesque images on the two sites-one of them with a headline claiming the hackers were “The Warriors of Islam” and what seemed like simulated blood dripping down the screen, says Dr. Glen C. Griffin, chairman of CAMIE awards. “Why would anyone want to sabotage our websites that help people find wholesome movies without offensive content?” Dr. Griffin asks.